Cadmium – “Change Your Mind”

 Cadmium – “Change Your Mind”

Absolutely STELLAR.

Cadmium has just released a brand-new single called “Change Your Mind” and it is stocked FULL of highly dynamic, shape-shifting sound and straight-up immaculately soulful vocals.  Powerful stuff to say the very least – this cut expands into seriously expressive & colorful moments at its most intense, and dials back beautifully into the strength of the melody at the song’s most delicate spots.  Ultimately, that creates one incredibly versatile & rewarding experience to listen to – “Change Your Mind” is wildly universal and accessible to a huge audience of music fans out there…the stunning appeal in the emotion of the vocals, the electrifying heights the music climb to…it all stacks up here to a massive win for Cadmium and the very definition of a single-worthy tune.  If you’re looking for something much more real and sincere in the Dubstep music you’re listening to, “Change Your Mind” is absolutely essential – check it out for yourself below!

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