Brother Jon Band – “Be On Time”

 Brother Jon Band – “Be On Time”

Brother Jon Band – “Be On Time” – Single Review

It’s either that Brother Jon Band keeps finding me in a good mood – or they continuously create one for me through their music each time I hear them.  I’m 99% sure it’s the latter.  These guys are great!

I will admit though, that I’ve been in the mood for Blind Melon lately…and there are a lot of comparisons that can be made between the new single from Brother Jon Band’s album Open Jam called “Be On Time” to the roots of their sunnier-side…in fact a lot of this tune reminded me of that uplifting energy you find on their early self-titled record.  Different bands for sure, but similar ingredients or approach to the combination of sound somehow.  There’s just something about the tone & brightness of the guitars…the bass is absolutely killin’ it…the gentle acoustics, wild solos, crisp snare snaps & crashing cymbals and just that tiny hint of an alt-indie/psych-pop vibe floating through the atmosphere that all seems to remind me of Shannon Hoon & his fabulous crew.  That easygoing & completely accessible, highly inviting sound that practically speaks to your soul…that playful tone, rhythm, & groove that beckons us to listen, let loose, and have a lil’ bit of fun while we’re listening – like I said, it’s all here – the comparisons run deep but at the end of the day, more of a good thing is a great thing in my books.

Much like the last time I had heard Brother Jon Band and reviewed their music when checking out their last single “Bobby’s Blues” – a lot of the times, it’s those guitars that certainly steal the show & rightly so – they’re amazing in this band.  The skill runs impressively deep throughout the entire band mind you, but it’s undeniable that those guitars continually stand out for all the right reasons.  I LOVE the tone they have throughout “Be On Time” – and there’s a certain moment right at the end where they bend with such supreme control of the vibrato or movement of the strings…whatever’s causing them to morph their sound at this point four minutes in…like we’re talking right before this jam ends, it just sounds absolutely exquisite to listen to.  But make no mistake, there are more than enough reasons to love the guitars long before the end – that’s simply one final & highly clever switch before the end that happened to catch my attention.  Facts are facts – the guitars in this cut supply just as many hooks to “Be On Time” as the melody of the vocals do.  The bass is likely the unsung hero of this track…but not here at SBS – it’s such an essential part of the way this track flows & moves so sleekly…the smoothness you get in “Be On Time” is definitely largely due to the tightness of the rhythm section.  Massive props to the harmonica as well – it plays an essential role here in driving the music when outside of the verses and instrumental points throughout the song, adding in a complementary energy that seriously jams right along with this cut.  The vocals are perfection here and an insightful match to the vibe & mood of the music through the lyricism & performance – there’s honestly not a flaw to be found in this cut and nothing I’d change.

It might only be my second experience with Brother Jon Band’s music – but they’ve gone 2/2 for me personally at this point and given us all two excellent reasons to check out their latest record Open Jam.  Highly skilled, brilliant execution – the band is exceptional on every level.  “Be On Time” is another shining example of their multi-faceted sound and how successful they are at creating lasting hooks that’ll stick with you, while also putting genuinely talented musicianship & instrumentation on display confidently, knowing that’s absolutely part of the appeal & charm in this band’s style & sound.  They get a giant thumbs-up from me for this latest cut…they got one from me last time around as well…I’m positive we’ll all turn’em towards the sky in support of Brother Jon Band & especially when it comes to “Be On Time.”  It’s as inviting as inviting can possibly be, so come on out & listen – don’t be late on this one.

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