Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away”

 Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away”

Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away” – Single Review

You know something…I think I can get behind this – if more Country music artists were making their music outta piano-based melodies, I’d likely be much more inclined to listen for sure.  Dude sounds really good on his brand-new single “You Stole My Heart Away” – and there’s much more to it than just the one genre overall…it’s a mix of Easy-Listening, Adult Contemporary, Country, and quite arguably, a lil’ R&B/Pop/Soul to be found at the very core of its hooks and the sparkle in its shine.

To me, Brian resembles what I’d imagine a combination of the sentiment in The Fray & the songwriting of Elton John would be like if they were to merge somehow into one entity.  While there’s undoubtedly a noticeable craft at work here in the way a song like “You Stole My Heart Away” is written with such tried, tested, and true methods…ultimately it’s pretty tough to take points away from what’s essentially a flawless tune.  Personally, I think the guy should haul his piano right up on stage to an America’s Got Talent audition or something along those lines…Iannucci would get the standing O from crowds like that for sure, and rightly so if this is the kind of quality songs he’s putting out there into the world to enjoy.

Now…purely because it’s so shiny, so seamless, and so well crafted & remarkably produced…my brain naturally starts to search for the cracks in sincerity…you know, the whole ‘yeah but is it believable?’ thing.  I’d have to side with Brian on this one in regards to that.  Don’t get me wrong, I can hear the songwriting perhaps above all else, but when it comes to the pivotal chord changes and his vocal tones finding the heart of this melody, he’s got all the right pieces in place, and sings with confidence & precision with his passion where it all counts the most.  So I’m inclined to say yes – it is believable, the sweetness resonates perfectly, and you gotta hand it to Brian for being the reasons as to why that is; I know for a fact there are a ton of people out there that’ll have no problem at all falling in love with his new single.

Perhaps even metaphorically AND literally – you just never know folks, there are songs known as ‘the baby makers’ for a reason, and there’s no doubt that Brian’s got a single here designed for a little lovin’ and romance.  Lights go down low…no tellin’ what might happen with the magic of Brian’s vocals & music workin’ in tandem with ya, just sayin.’  Where I’d advise the man a little caution…and keep in mind, this is just my own personal opinion and I’m just one of a million people that are all gonna tell him something different – I’d say to watch out for the pitfalls of classic songwriting – there’s always new ground to be broken, and the more of Brian is in Brian’s music, will always going to pay off in the long run.  So for example…”you’re my sun, my moon, my stars, my everything” – don’t get me wrong, to hear him sing it, I love what I hear and melodically, it’s one of my absolute favorite moments in this particular song – but by that same token, I can recognize themes that have been a staple of music’s history since the dawn of time…and it’s a bit hard to say that’s not the case here somewhat.  Love-songs are always going to have common elements to them – that’s not the argument I’m making here – heck, I’m not even saying I’d change anything to begin with when it comes to how well everything really does end up suiting this song – I’m simply saying to Brian that, for the future to follow, there’s still plenty of room to add more of himself into his music, and say things through his own unique perspective & point of view.  I suppose that’s the difference between a really great song and a really great songwriter…it’s about finding your voice in multiple ways.  The bottom line is, you can hear Brian’s got the complete capability of writing great songs AND being a great songwriter – as it stands, he’s basically got a timeless vibe gently rockin’ through the heart of “You Stole My Heart Away” and there’s certainly no knocking an achievement that can be described like that.  I’m always going to advocate for things we haven’t heard before and push artists in that creative direction, that’s just the nature of who I am and me doing my level-best to help people reach their maximum potential – but even if Brian never took a word of my advice, based on what I’ve heard here, he’d have no problem finding the success he’s looking for.  At the end of the day, “You Stole My Heart Away” is built on the foundations of great songwriting that has connected the hearts & minds of listeners all throughout music’s history…and trust me, there’s still a whole lot of’em out there that’ll enjoy what Iannucci has created here in his latest single.  There’s definitely nothing wrong with creating a completely flawless tune – and really, that’s what he’s got here.   It’s by no means any small accomplishment – he should be extremely proud of the way he’s played & sung “You Stole My Heart Away” – the sentiment is gorgeous.

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