BRB & JackEL – “Late Summer”

 BRB & JackEL – “Late Summer”

BRB & JackEL – “Late Summer” – Single Review

Sign me up for an enthusiastic YES to this…BRB & JackEL have got themselves a chilled-out winner with their new collaboration/single called “Late Summer” – perfect timing too as far as the seasonal reference goes ain’t it?

I get it though…it makes sense to me and my ears…almost like the distant sounds of the electro-party off in the distance as it continues on into the late-night hours, refusing to acknowledge the impending daylight.  It’s as if “Late Summer” was to admit that summer was finally fading out into the fall…but in full refusal to let the party end just yet.  The result is the smooth & subtle grooves of BRB & JackEL’s new cut working absolute magic through your speakers in a massively repeatable experience I never wanted to end.  Honestly…I must have spun this at least twenty times in a row…it’s incredibly well put together, structured, assembled, produced, conceptualized…you name it – all the right ingredients are here.

I feel a short review coming on.  That’s no fault of BRB & JackEL – if anything, it’s the complete opposite; it’s so much easier to write a review where there’s a point or two to make about something that can be improved on…but there’s nothing of the sort here on “Late Summer,” I wouldn’t change a single thing.  Not too many times you can toss out the term perfection and feel confident in using it…but this is one of those times – honestly, have a listen and ask yourself what YOU think should be changed and you’ll come up just as blank for answers as I did.  When you get it right like this…there’s just nothing at all to complain about or stop you from listening to it over and over again.  Check it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean…over sixteen-thousand hits in just three days since being released so believe me when I say you’re not the only one listening…so click it & read on!

Right?  That’s SMOOTHER than SMOOTH and all chiller no filler…I absolutely love what BRB & JackEL are doing on this cut.  “Late Summer” is filled with such extraordinary movement and engaging sounds that you really can’t take your ears off this one.  I’m naturally a fan of chilled-out tunes and electro in all its forms more or less…but I still fully believe to pull off something slower or mid-tempo, it’s really gotta have something indescribable and all-out incredible to keep our interest.  This collaboration has that…whatever ‘that’ thing may be…that magic of a shared moment or unified vision for the art that has them working together perfectly as one entity…whatever it is, BRB & JackEL have got that intangible quality that separates the great from the good out there.  Not a moment passes by that doesn’t have all the focus, precision and transformative, vibrant sound your ears are looking for…they’ve nailed this.

People out there should really check this one out and I sincerely hope they do, “Late Summer” is without a doubt one of the best subtle EDM tracks I’ve heard this year, entirely professional and immaculately captivating from start to finish.  The vocal samples they use are extraordinary additions into the rhythm & melody…the music moves in a sleek & inviting way that’s all highly-accessible in its sound.  It’s the kind of song that you can always find room for in the soundtrack of your life…”Late Summer” is almost surreal in how well its dreamy, floating & expressive electro-sound feels like it’s a part of you from the moment you hear it.  The low-end ‘traditional’ EDM switches, glitches & sounds even come out ultra-smooth on “Late Summer” – there’s nothing about this song that doesn’t sound like it was recorded on a cushion of clouds, designed to take you away from your own busy grind & hustle in effort to relax your mind, body & soul.  Not a single point to be taken away from this collaboration – BRB & JackEL give you all your ears both want & need to end this season on the best of possible notes on “Late Summer.”  Fantastic tune.

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