Bonne Finken – “Down Down”

 Bonne Finken – “Down Down”

Bonne Finken – “Down Down” – Single Review

Bossed UP yo!  Bonne Finken sounds fantastically in control and in charge on her new single “Down Down” from her new album called Gauntlet, officially released as this weekend, back on the 5th of July.  In terms of excitement & enticement – this lead cut does absolutely everything you could ever ask of a single – I’m both wowed by what I hear on it, and I’m 100% stoked to hear what else Finken’s come up with.  “Down Down” makes spectacular use of a seriously dynamic sound, giant hooks, and a stunning vocalist that clearly has the X-factor when it comes to commanding your attention – Bonne’s a born entertainer and the passion she has for her craft & pushing it to the very limits is completely apparent.

Like, LISTEN to the genetic makeup & DNA of a song like “Down Down” and I guarantee you’ll be just as impressed with her hybrid style & crossover sound as I am.  My first impressions in spinning through this new single were that Bonne’s got herself a verse with hooks as bulletproof as that of Ed Sheeran, a big chorus sound & drum pounding like the enveloping tunes from a band like Imagine Dragons, and a vocal style that somehow bridges the gap between an Ellie Goulding and Maynard James Keenan brilliantly.

That SHOULD be an exciting set of comparisons for you…if it’s not, I hate to say it, but you’re dead inside.  Bonne’s like all of these artists & acts, yet like none of them at the very same time – she’s fused together an incredible array of a true range of influences & styles of music you might feel you somewhat recognize or recall, but all within the shroud of her own deadly approach – and she’s KILLIN’ IT in ways that are sure to set her apart from the rest of what’s out there.  Will “Down Down” get YOU excited for what’s to come on her new record Gauntlet?  I mean, it BETTER!  Or does flawless music not do it for ya anymore?  You couldn’t possibly ask anything more from Finken on this brand-new single – she’s electrifying, gripping, captivating, cool, and extraordinarily confident.  Trust me when I say, if we all had material THIS strong as musicians, I’m sure we’d all feel every reason to be as confident as she is – facts are facts when it comes to “Down Down,” not only are the hooks completely freakin’ rock solid, but the performances being put in from the microphone to the music would be tough for any other artist or band to measure up to.  Bonne brings power, precision, and professionalism to every single second of this song – she’s like a sniper with the most accurate aim when it comes to her words hitting the mark; you hear the passion, you hear the energy, you hear the emotion, you hear the stylistic movement – all the ingredients your ears are hoping for, she’s got’em.  With a platform as dynamic and vibrant as the music of “Down Down” is, Bonne should be launching herself right into the mainstream any moment now – everything about this song is relevant for the right here & now, yet also pushes it all boldly forward.  The use of vocal effects, backing layers, and the extraordinary punch that the beat provides – all of these elements are used to her advantage – and combined with the intense set of natural skills she has in the jaw-dropping technique & tone of her singing…I mean, what else can be said?  Bonne is a massive force to be reckoned with and she proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt with “Down Down.”

I feel like Bonne Finken is on to some truly rare energy in her music and I’m stoked to hear where she takes it next.  With the slick, sleek, and shiny surface of “Down Down” shimmering as hard and melodic as it does…you wouldn’t blame yourself for feeling suspicious of the writing and just how designed it is to hit the mark…I’d get that…because like I’ve been tellin’ ya, it’s as tight as a single can possibly get.  Sometimes things that seem too good to be true just really ARE as amazing as we think they are – and I’d put all my chips on Finken finding the success she’s seeking out with her music-career.  She sounds absolutely unstoppable and unbreakable on “Down Down” – and between the cleverness of the hooks of her vocals in the verse & chorus, the wildly powerful grip of the stellar selection of hooks in the music throughout the entire song, and the magnificently epic proportions this tune rises to as it plays through its vibrant & innovative structure – you’ll find that Bonne’s got that magic you’re truly looking to stuff into your speakers.  More than impressed with this single – there’s just as much catchiness to it as there is stunning levels of depth you can dive right into – Bonne Finken scores a huge win with “Down Down.”

She’s the real deal – no doubt about it.  Find out more about Bonne Finken and her music at her official website at:

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