Bobby Trill – “Til The End Of Time”

 Bobby Trill – “Til The End Of Time”

Bobby Trill – “Til The End Of Time” – Single Review

With a feel-good rhythm & rhyme ready to start up your summer early – Columbus, Ohio’s Bobby Trill has released a brand-new single “Til The End Of Time” to brighten up your day & add some sparkle to your speakers. This young rapper has a great mix of R&B-meets-hip-hop on this excellent cut; it seems that teaming up with renowned studio-talent Holy Rain has certainly already shown creative dividends with this melodic, smooth-flowing new single highlighting the best of both their worlds in harmony and unified collaboration.

So…a couple of things that I’m NOT afraid of that actually helped me out a lot in being able to sit back, relax and chill when it came to this new song are auto-tuner and Will Smith. On the point of auto-tuner…now that the hype has calmed down somewhat on the effect being the flavour of the month, artists like Bobby Trill are now using it in more effective ways rather than have it be the relentlessly dominant sound that drives the entire song. Here on “Til The End Of Time,” the auto-tuner comes out sounding perfect as it spins through the melodic chorus-hooks…it’s well-mixed yes – but it’s also performed perfectly, allowing the production team behind this music to get the very most out of the melody without any bizarre flat-ass robotic notes that brown-up the song. Proving once again that some people truly understand how to use this element as an added power-up to their own performance, Bobby Trill has nailed it there.

I mean I love you Kanye…I’m just saying brother…some of those notes you create no auto-tuner could ever save…

Now, at the severe risk of saying something unpopular in the hip-hop/rap culture, I’m going to say these two dirty, dirty words here and just see what happens…let’s see if the universe really does implode…

…Will Smith…

Hmm…no one died, no shots were fired and “Til The End Of Time” is still firmly jamming on repeat…

What I’m alluding to, is the familiar sound, tone, rhythm and pulse of a time where hip-hop/rap was yet to even have beef. That rhythmic, often somewhat subtly emotional & even romantic atmosphere that was often put into early rap & hip-hop has all but been absorbed by today’s gangster thugs with rhymes about bitches, money & drugs. Rappers like Will Smith and old-schoolers from that time used a lot of their poetic-rhymes as outright love-letters to women they had pure & true feelings for. AND – as if you needed ANOTHER reason to listen to the old-school rap-cuts out there…their beats were massively influential and the vibe was contagious.

Bobby Trill with the assistance of Holy Rain have perfected the art of new-school old-school with this new single meeting all the modern-day requirements of relevance for production & mix with a throwback nod to the early-days of sentimental rap without becoming cheesed-out whatsoever. The song is sweet in writing, melody & delivery, as is the overall finished product; you could hear an artist perhaps like Shwayze, who also brings about a modern twist to the old-school jamming out to this new song from Trill.

I suppose…whether it ends up being agreed upon or not as far as the comparisons are concerned…the bottom line is that I’m trying to say that Bobby has written good-times extremely well. “Til The End Of Time” is certainly a worthy single; his flow is flawless, the hooks are solid and the beat is as tight as a Friday night.

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