BlueWoods – “Doin’ Fine”

 BlueWoods – “Doin’ Fine”

We’re servin’ ya up some ultra-smooth Jazz this morning!

This is the way to wake up!  BlueWoods have got a brilliantly expressive and catchy new single called “Doin’ Fine,” complete with video support, comin’ to ya direct from the album CityLife released this year.  This cut’s got all the personality, charisma, and charm you’re looking for, and a fully vivacious sound that has the sparkle & shine your stereos & speakers are craving.  Following the lead of composer/saxophonist Kevin ‘Blue’ Woods, a full band of remarkably talented musicians spring to life throughout the stellar instrumentation on “Doin’ Fine” – and once you factor in the alluring appeal of singer Tawnée and the impressive vocal-hooks and melody she brings to the mix alongside the players in BlueWoods…well…ya gotta give it up for a collaboration that works as perfectly as this does!  Verifiable grooves to be found here – you can feel the inviting & welcoming sound that BlueWoods is capable of creating, even here in the confines of a song about “moving on after a breakup.”  They might have been down at one point due to the crash of a relationship or two, but it sure sounds like they’re all “Doin’ Fine” at this point, if the passion and skill on display throughout this new single is any indication!  Onwards and upwards, as they say – BlueWoods has put out an excellent cut here at the end of 2019 and you can bet on them taking that momentum into 2020 as they surge through next year from the studio to the stage.  Great things are happening here – BlueWoods has got it goin’ on y’all – check out the video for “Doin’ Fine” and watch them play this single right in front of ya!

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