Blue MOON Science – Tides And…

 Blue MOON Science – Tides And…

Blue MOON Science – Tides And… – EP Review

Definitely one of those records with a lil’ something for everyone, you feel me?

It’s been awesome to check out this set of six tunes over the past week or two…Blue MOON Science has a widespread sound that incorporates a whole lotta things I personally dig on from Trip-Hop to Soul/Pop combinations, alongside an ever-present Electro-infusion in each cut.  For myself, it’s been no problem at all to get right into the music on this record…but ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be alone that assessment.

The impact these songs will make on ya establishes itself quickly through the evocative Electro vibes of “Step Aside” featuring Alyssa Jane & Guyku on track one – and it’s fair to say that, even though each song on this record has its own distinct personality & idea to work with, this first cut really ends up setting the tone for the shifting moods in this lineup to follow.  I’ll put it to ya this way – Blue MOON Science has chosen wisely as to which track to choose to establish the gateway into Tides And… – this track makes an immediate impression & impact on ya with the depth of sound & soulful vocals in the mix from Alyssa leading the way.  I’ve also been lucky enough to see the video in advance as well – it’s AWESOME…and it’s one of three that are already planned to support this new record, with “Endless Game” and “Step Aside II (Honey)” also getting the visual treatment at some point for ya too.  While I’m not nearly as well versed in the world of Blue MOON Science as I am with say, something like Massive Attack…at least at this point in time…hearing Alyssa’s contribution to “Step Aside” reminded me very much of what it was like to hear how Sinead O’Connor ended up being featured on 100th Window…not necessarily because of an obviously similar sound – more-so because of how insightful the pairing was, and the uniqueness it created as a result of its less predictable DNA, you follow me?  Clearly Blue MOON Science could have rocked this record instrumentally had that been the concept – the music itself is strong enough to support that – but rather than play it all that straight-ahead, a lot of the EP’s main diversity & versatility is revealed through the guest-star vocalists.  Guyku drops hot bars for ya on “Step Aside” before it wraps up as well, adding in extra punch to the finale of this opening track…no complaints there either, the man holds his own solidly…if anything, he might make you wish he appeared on this track a bit earlier, but that’s hardly a complaint so much as an observation.  This whole collaboration brings cleverness to each & every moment…the uniqueness is tangible, and for as artistically-inclined as a track like “Step Aside” actually is at its core, the accessibility is gained through the genuinely interesting sound it creates.  Mysterious in its own way, you’ll find yourself curious about “Step Aside” and how it’s all gonna work out from the moment it starts to the end, bringing us along for the ride like a great story unfolds as it introduces a whole array of elements to keep you fully engaged.

“Endless Game” also has plans for a video release, and that’s gonna be a great thing.  Don’t get it twisted & don’t get me wrong – I like a whole bunch of things on this record for a whole variety of reasons…but if we’re talking about accessibility and single-worthy sound, I think that “Endless Game” is without question some of the strongest material that’s most likely to grab the people’s attention right away.  Personally, I really like the fact that there’s been a conscious effort to make this track less straight-ahead than you’d usually find in the innovative way that the beat works in comparison to the vast majority of songs people would consider to be ‘single-worthy’ – as in, there’s a much more challenging & artistic design to it than most will realize on those first couple spins, because that’s how fluidly it flows.  It’s not until you really start to dissect things like I tend to do, get right under the hood for a closer inspection at the mechanics & whatnot…that’s when you realize just how much is involved in making a song like this move as cleverly as it does.  For it all to end up sounding as universal as it does, is really quite something…and I’d readily put “Endless Game” right up there with the strongest material that you’ll find on Tides And… – personally, I think it’s nothing short of genius, and one of my favorites.  I dig it when artists choose to go left instead of right and keep up guessing, and I felt like “Endless Game” has that ability to draw on unpredictable vibes while still pumping out a beat & atmospheric sound that’s guaranteed to gain your full attention through a brilliant mix of real substance & style together as one.  From the lefts to the rights, there’s a ton to be enjoyed here…and I suspect that the more of an audiophile you are, the more you’ll get out of this song & EP at-large, but make no mistake…even if you were to just have a quick listen on the surface in passing, a cut like “Endless Game” would have you doing a double-take, and quite likely stopping whatever you’re doing for the moment to listen closely.

If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’d have been among the very first out there on this whole planet of ours here on Earth to hear some of the new music by Blue MOON Science – we played a track in advance of the official release of Tides And… as our finale for the show in an exclusive for ya, called “When I Am Alone.”  I was a bit surprised to read in the write-up that this particular track was left out of the immediate plans for getting a video or perhaps being some kind of single released as a gateway into this EP…in my opinion, I think it’s one of the strongest cuts in the lineup with one of the most universally accessible vibes goin’ on.  Containing an incredible performance from Niko Frost on the mic for ya…I think of all the guest-star appearances you’ll find in this short set, there’s a solid chance she’ll make the biggest impact via the most delicate means.  Her technique as a singer is straight-up outstanding…an authentic mix of style, grace, and innovation that completely hits the mark.  All-in-all, a track like “When I Am Alone” might remind ya of something like you’d find on those first couple of irresistible albums from Zero 7…soulfully-inclined Dream Pop type vibes, fueled equally by the real heart in the writing and the focus in the performances…I couldn’t get enough of this cut personally.  As I like to remind ya on these pages of ours, we all like what we like & love what we love…and I like this whole set without question – but there’s also no denying I absolutely LOVE this song.  For a more mid-tempo cut, I think there’s a wildly accessible vibe at the core of “When I Am Alone” that, were I the good folks in Blue MOON Science…I’d be taking a good look at as a potential single.  I’m not disputing the choices that have already been made for what song gets a video & whatnot…in fact, I’m confident I could make an argument myself on behalf of the majority of this set of six tunes – all I’m saying is, hopefully no one’s overlooking just how much allure & appeal “When I Am Alone” truly has.  To me, this was without a doubt one of the most addictive tracks to be found on Tides And…  for sure.

Every time “Vidina” came on, I wanted to reach all the way across the pond to where the core of Blue MOON Science is located in the UK, and give its main creator Allan Vilhan a high-five from all the way over here in Canada…because this dude deserves it and this song in particular, is a fantastic example of the reason why.  I’m not saying it’s my absolutely favorite in this set of six…in fact, I’d actually say that’s a very tough call to make with this whole lineup being as tight as it is with its ideas and sound selection – but that being said, “Vidina” IS a huge highlight in the sense that it’s one of those tracks that really proves just how universal the language of music really IS.  Because I’ve got no idea what guest-singer LOTTA is really singing about…and I’ve got no idea if Allan does either at the end of the day – but what I do know is this…it’s a performance that’ll speak to you for how lively, vibrant, and wildly energetic it is.  LOTTA is undoubtedly right into this moment in time & feelin’ it – and as a result, so too, do we.  The music on this cut is absolutely killer too, and makes for an exceptional combination in contrast; it’s like you’ll find the most energetic moments of the sound of “Vidina” paired with LOTTA’s more delicate vibes – and when the music becomes more dialed-back, she takes the role of adding the energy herself.  So really, no matter which way you turn your head to listen to “Vidina,” there’s always a combination of fast/slow at work together in tandem that makes for a really unique & memorable listening experience.

The reality of listening to a pre-release in many cases, is that dudes on this side of the screen like myself, often end up hearing tracks that are in all kinds of different stages for their production and whatnot, and that was the case with “Time Is Now” as I listened to Tides And…, with this song still in its demo stages late in the game, with about ten or so days to go before the officially release of this new Blue MOON Science EP.  So the pressure’s on Allan at this point for sure…no doubt about that…dude’s probably mixin’ around the clock right now, getting all the final touches on this last cut finished up and ready for you all to hear for the release of this EP internationally online this May 13th.  Having said all that, this grey in my beard will tell ya that I’ve had a lot of experience listening to music in all its forms – and these pages of ours will confirm it for ya – I’m no stranger to hearing tunes from the ground up as they’re being created.  With everyone having so many different levels of access to recording equipment and such a variety of skillsets out there in this world that simply want to make music however they can – I’ve heard it all in some way, shape, or form.  To me, it’s always about ideas – and there’s no doubt that Blue MOON Science has got an extremely strong one with “Time Is Now,” and the right singer with guest-star Chloe Kay as well.  A bit of polish, shine, and volume…and voila – this track will be ready to roll easily by the time this record gets released…and there’s every bit of a chance that this track will become one of the most dazzling darlings of the entire set.  A genuine statement cut in the lineup…after reading about the reset Allan chose to make with the music of Blue MOON Science, you’ve gotta feel like “Time Is Now” is very much a representation of where he’s at personally in making this record, and that audible line drawn in the sand that separates the past from the present.  It’s full speed ahead for the man from here, and rightly so – he’s got a real gift from composition & production that stands out – and with a full lineup of amazing guest-stars & singers ridin’ along with him, Blue MOON Science is heading straight UP.

“Step Aside II (Honey)” finished off the set on Tides And… with a stunningly diverse array of sound for the finale of this EP – and I felt like this was one of those tracks you stumble upon sometimes out there in this world that’s every bit as fascinating to listen to as it is genuinely entertaining – listen to the layers!  Love the vocals on this cut and the naturally stylistic sound they come along with…and I equally dig on the production of this last track as well – Blue MOON Science has put a lot of unique ideas into our speakers throughout the course of this lineup of six, and “Step Aside II (Honey)” was a stellar way to finish it all off.  Like I was tellin’ ya from the get-go – I really don’t think this is a lineup of tracks that’s going to have any trouble at all retaining your interest or grabbing your attention for all the right reasons…and that consistency provided by the variety of sound & ideas remains a constant strength straight to the very end.  “Step Aside II (Honey)” is a genuinely mesmerizing final tune with a very slick design to both the music & vocals – but once again, I can’t help but feel like this will have no problem at all standing out on your playlist, no matter what’s on it.  Listen to the brilliant way it morphs and transitions in the music around the 2:20-ish mark, adding in that extra layer of addictive sound that you really can’t help but notice, and how it makes for that final cherry on top as you listen.  While there’s no doubt that thematically, it’s mired in darker vibes – I don’t think that’s gonna stop a single one of ya from turning up this set of songs exactly like you should be…”Step Aside II (Honey) was the stellar ending this record deserved, and one last highlight for the sonic diversity Tides And… delivers with every track.

While you’re patiently awaiting the release of the Tides And… EP this May 13th – check out the debut cut from Blue MOON Science released at the beginning of 2022, called “Get Up Now” – click it below!

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