Blackout Lights – “Golden Ticket” (Live @ Joe’s Apartment 2014)

 Blackout Lights – “Golden Ticket” (Live @ Joe’s Apartment 2014)

Here’s a special one for ya.  Not only did we have an awesome time watching Blackout Lights kick ass at what would actually be the last time we set foot into this place under the name of Joe’s Apartment before it became Studio – but this video here was another one of those special collaborative moments I’ve had along the way.  I was busy training Ryan @ SBS at the time…and this was the first video we got through together where he took the helm and steered the ship to victory.  Dude was always about 1000x more talented than he ever realized, and I miss him already.  With me being in Ottawa and him sticking it out in Vancouver…it just didn’t get to a point where we could continue on working projects together with being that far apart…but like everything we do and we’re a part of – the memories and the ripple effect continue on strongly.  Blackout Lights ended up posting up this video of their song “Golden Ticket” to their pages – which is every bit the proof you need to know that Ryan @ SBS came through on this one and nailed great visuals.  Here for the first time in black & white – enjoy!

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