Birthpush – “Sh!t Like That” Feat. Big Meeg & Rogie

 Birthpush – “Sh!t Like That” Feat. Big Meeg & Rogie

Birthpush – “Sh!t Like That” Feat. Big Meeg & Rogie – Single Review

Gonna have to go out on a limb here & put some theories into this one…

…cause I’m confused.  But I suppose that’s much of the point being made here, if I’m reading these tea leaves correctly.  Make no mistake – I actually like what I’m hearing in this collaboration quite a bit – I just can’t guarantee I’m anywhere close to making a ton of sense out of what I hear – you following me?

For all of 3:21, this is about the tightest chaos you’re gonna find out there this year – Birthpush, Big Meeg, and Rogie come out swinging immediately with explosive energy and an all-out pace that’ll leave you breathless just trying to keep up with this whole cut.  “Sh!t Like That” will give you about twenty-five seconds at the start to get your bearings, and from that point on, you’re pretty much strapped straight into this ride as it begins to move at full speed through the main hooks – which are absolutely WILD.  I’m advocating for the melody and the performance you’ll hear in what essentially becomes riotously addictive sound & energy that will undoubtedly have you pretty much running to your stereo to turn “Sh!t Like That” up to the rafters in response.  No joke, I feel like this collaboration manages to squeeze about an hour’s worth of entertainment into a three-minute-plus experience – and it’s honestly kinda insane!  It’s definitely the effect of the chorus laid down in this single…every time that part comes around, this whole cut shift directly into warp speed and neon vibes that spring straight outta your speakers with radiant sound.  Verse-wise, all three put in really solid, confident bars, all delivered in their own unique style, adding even more color into the swirl of sound that rampages through this cut.  For the most part, they’re all enhanced with supreme digital effects that work well in their favor, the music never quits, and the results overall have so much dynamic sound that’ll it’ll make most heads spin.

These are the main positives…the easy stuff to notice, because there’s just zero way you could miss all this after pushing play.  There’s lots to listen to, but there definitely ain’t no denying everyone and everything is pulling its weight to get a track like this heard out there.  Lyrically, if I’m not mistaken here, it’s actually echoing the madness & mayhem of the music in that respect – it’s largely about saying a whole bunch of “Sh!t Like That” that doesn’t necessary need to make a whole bunch of sense, whether it’s in-person, online, by text, or otherwise – am I getting this right?  It’s about the people we are, versus the people we see through social media, and what we consider to be ‘important’ to post up & whatnot – yes?  “I know you love to preach but this ain’t a fucking rapture” seems to support my theory in the final verse spit by Rogie…as if to say, you love to talk a whole bunch, but the information ain’t no revelation, you dig?  And in a world filled with food photos, kitten videos, and an onslaught of selfies…it’s kinda hard if not downright impossible, to conclude anything otherwise…sadly, this is who we are, who we’ve become, and that addiction to online reactions & the pursuit of going viral reigns supreme on the daily.  For the most part, it sounds like this is at least within the realm of what they’re going for here in this collaboration…and if I’m anywhere near correct about it all, then right on, all three verses & different artists contributing all seemed to support this theory in their own way through their perspective, words, and unique style each has on their bars.  I suspect it gives them a little bit of license to have some fun & get straight weird with it all without having to make any apologies for it – like I said, I love the lyrics to the bulk of this cut…even if I’m not sure I fully get’em all…and I love the sound of the main hook in the chorus and the extreme energy that part pumps out…I just wished I loved the words as much in that part as much as I did in the verses is all, and I ain’t gonna lie to ya, I don’t there.  The design & flow of the melody to’em is spot-on as can be – the performance itself is all-out stellar – and every time I get to the final line, I’m just like…why that one?  Rhythmically, melodically…hell, even thematically – it WORKS – I’m just sayin’ like…I dunno…it kinda ends up being one of those songs that nearly becomes a guilty pleasure as a result of having its most memorable moment end with “If you like our jokes, like our tweets, shut your mouth, can you taste my feet?”  At least, that’s what I’m hearing…I don’t have the lyrics in front of me, so if that’s not what’s being said there, then there’s a whole other issue that exists – but assuming that’s what it is…yeah…I dunno what to tell’em other than this might wear out quicker as a result of those lyrical choices in the main hook…maybe.  I’ll fully concede, being relentlessly confused about just how much is going RIGHT here from performance to production, and trying to tie these words that are so much looser in comparison to how direct the sound of this song comes atcha…nothing really ever stopped me from going back for another spin to take another crack at figuring it all out, while jamming it at maximum volume.  Full proof that we don’t need to always make sense of “Sh!t Like That” – sometimes we just know what we like to listen to, and we don’t always even understand exactly why.

I dunno folks…”Sh!t Like That” was a genuine head-scratcher in so many ways really…but if there’s any one specific thing you can point to about this collaboration as a certainty, it’s the fact that you’d never wanna turn this off, only turn it up – it’s about as oddly addictive as a single can be, but still addictive nonetheless.  The audio post for “Sh!t Like That” had the almighty YouTube algorithm lead me directly into MGK afterwards, which certainly made sense to me based on what I’ve heard here in this collaboration and the no-holds-barred vibes to be found at the core of this single.  I’ll say this in closing…this cut makes for a highly memorable experience all-around that’ll leave a lasing impact on ya, and it’s definitely got me interested in whatever the heck else Birthpush might be up to over there, that I can tell ya for sure – it’s extremely rare to find a cut as in your face as this one is both lyrically and sound-wise…and as bizarre of a combo as it may all appear to be…there’s something happening here.  I couldn’t tell ya what that something IS…but it definitely shouldn’t be ignored by any stretch either – I have the feeling following Birthpush down the rabbit hole would take you to some pretty tripped out places and entirely different vibes than you’ve experienced before, just like he’s done here on “Sh!t Like That” – and if you ask me, there’s always an extreme amount of value in a journey like that into the unknown.

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