Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Gone To The Dogs”

 Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Gone To The Dogs”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Gone To The Dogs” – Single Review

With a dusty new-song from his upcoming album being released in advance, we’ve got our hands on the second tune available from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders soon-to-be-released Go By Myself. BR & The RR is well-familiar to us here at sleepingbagstudios from reviews in the past, including the recent single “Seen It All Before,” which is also a track from the album to come. I’ve been a fan of the gruff & prickly personality entwined in the music since first finding out about Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, they’re a solid band with a style/sound you can rely on to be there for you…one that won’t compromise or change to bend to the will of the mainstream. And it’s in taking this path that Billy Roberts remains one of the true outlaws in rock…were it not for the talented players in the band, this man would happily walk along alone…the lone-wolf type…but these Rough Riders also continue to remain right by his side to lend a hand as he preps this next album, Go By Myself.

With his signature rock-drawl and western-movie twinge to his music, “Gone To The Dogs” starts up its grind with a feeling like you’re staring out into the streets of the wild-west as tumbleweeds pass and two-shooters get ready to draw upon each other. The song’s not about that mind you…just giving you an idea about how this song starts out with its sliding guitar sounds, low bass-tones and eventually adding in a wicked stomping beat into it all as the song evolves.

Billy does a great job in communicating the desolate-energy & atmosphere of the subject-matter in the verse…and much to my delight, I thought he brought the whole song and its meaning up in the chorus…audibly turning what could easily be perceived as tragic into triumph – an empowering anthem of sorts, if you will. Catchy hook and a solid performance from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – he proves once again what a capable song-writer he truly is from the unique atmospheres he creates in comparison to the rest of the rock music out there. It’s audibly impossible to mistake Billy Roberts as anything other than the authentic rocker this guy really is.

But yeah…overall…I think this track works extremely well for this crew. The guitar-work is excellent throughout from its backing rhythms, to its sliding, sly lead-guitars…and eventually to the incredible solo that rides out the final moments of “Gone To The Dogs” to end it on a real highlight in the song. From where it started, kicking those tumbleweeds around the saloon…this song becomes a riotous-stomp by the end. Almost even a little friendlier and more accessible than you’d typically expect from our gruff musical-superhero…but still 100% undeniably Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders; there’d simply be no mistaking this band for anyone else…at least not for this set of ears involved.

Largely that’s because this guy’s got me listening. I dig “Gone To The Dogs,” but in truth – I was nearly 100% sure that I would…because this guy’s beyond reliable when it comes to his music; but I was honestly surprised at just how much “Gone To The Dogs” really did pull me right in with its guitars & vocal-hooks – this is definitely one of his better tunes. Getting more & more stoked for the album!

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