Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 1: Mighty Mage

 Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 1: Mighty Mage

Our annual quest for the best returns!

Posted in randomized order, the nominations for the SBS Best New Sound of 2020 get revealed from Dec. 6th – 15th!

Join us in congratulating our official nomination of day 01 – Mighty Mage!

After experiencing the heartwarming set of melodies and humble songwriting found on Mighty Mage’s album Ancient Scrolls II, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this talented artist’s tunes instantly.  As enchanting & endearing as it was entertaining, Ancient Scrolls II revealed the real roots in the magic of melody throughout an entire set-list stocked with beautifully charming material – and what an incredible voice the ol’ Mighty Mage has as well!   It’s for these reasons and so many more that our top ten list of 2020 wouldn’t have been complete without the unforgettable sensory sincerity Mighty Mage created on his latest album – he’s a stunningly gifted songwriter with a remarkably bright future ahead of him, and we couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplished this year.

Read our review on Mighty Mage’s Ancient Scrolls II by clicking here.

Full contest details will be announced on December 18th for the upcoming reader-vote to decide the ultimate winner of the SBS Best New Sound, who goes on to live on forever on our Wall Of Fame as the undisputed champion of 2020!  Why undisputed?  Because YOU get to decide the winner – and we couldn’t do it without ya.  Make sure to keep your eyes on our homepage & social media pages, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s time to cast your votes this year!


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