Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: Sun.Set.Ships.

 Best New Sound 2016 Nomination:  Sun.Set.Ships.

Personally if I was to hand out the trophy for sincerity in music this year, I’d have a real hard time not handing it straight over to this crew from northern Ireland.  I honestly don’t even know if THEY get just how good, how special or how rare the sound of their music is…I don’t know a whole lot about Sun.Set.Ships. aside from the fact that they seem to be an extremely humble band that has an incredible ability to express emotion in music.  In fact – Sun.Set.Ships. could very well be comprised of three regular, ordinary dudes that just happen to have some free time and a natural talent for writing amazing songs…that COULD be the case; though to be truthful – the amount of pure heart you’ll hear in their music would suggest they’ve put 100% of themselves into every moment of their stunning Man.Must.Explore. EP.  I certainly don’t think they’re slackers by any stretch – I thought their new EP was one of the most genuine recordings I’ve stumbled across this year and I’ve generally woken up every day since hearing Man.Must.Explore. with one of those songs in my head – that’s been going strongly since September and I know it’ll continue strongly into the future as well.  This band didn’t just write more songs and music for the world – they really wrote meaningful material that fully fits to the soundtrack of our lives.  Beautifully bold songs and insightful, resonating melodies I’ll never forget – I’m extremely proud to put this band on the list this year, Sun.Set.Ships. entirely deserve recognition for a truly incredible recording that will survive on my playlist forever.

Sun.Set.Ships. is one of ten official nominations to this year’s SBS Reader Vote for Best New Sound 2016 beginning Dec. 14th – congrats to this band of true heart, sincerity, boldness & beauty!

Find out more about Sun.Set.Ships. at their Facebook page here: and check them out at YouTube here:


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