Bernard Hering – “Out Of Breath”

 Bernard Hering – “Out Of Breath”

Remarkable singer/songwriter with a fantastic tune here – you gotta dig the latest single from Bernard Hering, the guy writes like The Boss and sings like Eddie Vedder – ya can’t beat a combination like that!  Stunning imagery in the lyricism and measurable depths of emotion spring to life through the spectacular performance that Bernard puts into the music & vocals of “Out Of Breath” – these are single-worthy hooks in a timeless style that sincerely connects to listeners out there – so take that to heart dear readers, dear friends – do yourself a favor and turn this one up.  Excellent writing, mesmerizing pace, tone, and mood suspended in the atmosphere – and a truly incredible voice in this artist that’s full of pure expression and spot-on melody – check out “Out Of Breath” by Bernard Hering from his new album Pioneer Avenue below!

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