Ben Sheers – “The Last Christmas Drink”

 Ben Sheers – “The Last Christmas Drink”

As I pointed out earlier this week, some of the best Christmas music tends to be released a whole lot earlier than the yuletide season.  Case in point, artist Ben Sheers put out “The Last Christmas Drink” in the summer of this year – but in truth, no Christmas would be a complete one without this song playing on your stereos while you’re opening presents and celebrating the holiday with your loved ones this December.  As I also mentioned this month, I’m not even quite certain what’s happening with me…I usually rebel, rant, and rail against Christmas-inspired songs – but there’s not a single doubt in my mind that, either this particular one is extremely good, or perhaps even better – “The Last Christmas Drink” might very well be my favorite Christmas tune of all-time.  While I’d love to say it’s because the season’s greetings have finally sucked me in, I think it runs so much deeper than that – the facts are that Sheers has created an absolutely stunning song that brilliantly fuses together a quaint & inviting lo-fi sound with wonderful Indie/Folk lyricism that is fully compelling and genuinely moving.  Credit where credit is due, I’ve always said I’m bound to like the best in any genre out there and this song by Ben Sheers is certainly no exception to that rule – he’s done an incredible job of creating an authentically sweet & inviting vibe throughout “The Last Christmas Drink” that’s every bit as warm & inviting as the words are cold, icy, and beautifully nostalgic…I couldn’t stop myself from listening to this song over & over.  It takes a lot to penetrate the anti-Christmas stance I generally take against holiday tunes, but when they come out as right as this one does, so full of exceptional melody, heart, and emotion…I’m as helpless as anyone else would be and powerless to stop a song like “The Last Christmas Drink” from burying itself deep inside my soul.  Absolutely amazing really…I think this is a compelling, mesmerizing, and all-out fascinating slice of Christmas music that’s a complete cut above the rest in how subtle & sweet it truly is…perfectly sung & played, with incredible imagery in the words that’ll spark thoughts in your mind and warm your heart to the nth degree.  Believe me when I say, I wish all Christmas music was created by Ben Sheers…if it was, I’d definitely be interested in listening to a whole lot more of it for a change.  This is the exact kind of song that fully captures the essence of the holiday spirit and themes of both isolated self-reflection and the true joy of togetherness we all experience in the most memorable time of the year.  Personally, I can’t say enough about “The Last Christmas Drink” and what Ben Sheers has achieved here…it’s a seriously magical song and a holiday tune I can completely stand behind without a moment’s hesitation – he’s nailed this one as good as it gets – check it out for yourself below!

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