Barrett Myers – The Letting Go

 Barrett Myers – The Letting Go

Barrett Myers – The Letting Go – Album Review

Seems like November this year is proving to be just as strong in the song-writing department as some of the amazing artists and bands we found over October this year. In other words – the independent music-scene seems to be scoring win-after-win towards the end of this year with some highlight moments, songs and albums all storming through the stereo-system here at the studio as we hear towards the end of 2015.

Barrett Myers seems determined to keep that hot-streak going for us with a solid set of songs that make up his new album The Letting Go. As emotionally-powerful as it is well-written, performed and played – this young man has definitely discovered a true gift for song-writing…you can absolutely both hear AND feel within you, just how strong these songs connect and resonate the strings that tug at your soul.

As I was saying…it doesn’t take long for us to realize the special-ability that Myers has; he instantly connects through the subtle-natured “Grow” as the album opens-up. Taking us from what sounds nearly like it could have fit onto U2’s Achtung Baby! and into a ballad that is as beautiful as something from say like, Edwin McCain…there’s a great combination of sounds that swirl together sweetly to form the music and melody of “Grow.” And as its title suggests, this song evolves fantastically as it plays throughout, truly expanding the idea in new directions, each more gorgeous than the last.

Definitely a soul-revealing album if I’ve ever heard one…you can hear Myers’ personal-connection to these songs and words just by the way that he sings them on “Fifth Story Window.” Another winning sound, mood & tone in the atmosphere of this acoustic/pop/folk tune…the additional piano and synth help fill in the background sweetly as the song plays. There’s a fragile-nature to the sound of Barrett’s voice that puts in the perfect amount of emotion into the way he sings…he’s a very smart song-writer and the end of this particular tune puts in a brief but true-highlight moment for his vocals in the final-moments of “Fifth Story Window.”

There is definitely a noticeable Bono-esque edge to the way he chooses to sing…mostly brought to the surface on “Not Over You.” The way that Barrett’s voice breaks & cracks in the same places…it’s all gotta be more than just coincidence – I’d place a solid bet on Myers being a big fan of U2. But he’s done it cleverly…he’s latched onto the rhythms but not the leads and kept the melodies unique and his own. Love the combination of drums, vocals and guitar in this song’s verse and the way that it brightens-up to rise to the energy in the chorus…excellent stuff here from Barrett.

The Letting Go continues on to a more melancholy, downtrodden tune in “Stand Tall.” I think that, while it might not be the immediate standout to many out there with its saddening-atmosphere – that it’s one that gets appreciated more on repeat, and also a fantastic display of this song-writer’s lyrical-ability. Cleverly adding in additional backup vocals and getting assistance in bringing this heartfelt, pensive & thoughtful story to life was a great idea…huge atmosphere in this song that I still think might take a little more time to fully appreciate in comparison to the rest – but a great song for sure. Great songs seem to be something that we can count on Barrett Myers to deliver after all we’ve heard so far on this record.

Kinda jealous really…Barrett Myers is able to get right up-there in the mix of his music, due to an endless string of flawless notes, tones & emotions through his words…and MAN…I wish I could do it all as well as this guy is doing already. “Let It Go” does have a few quirks here & there through the vocals…reminding us he’s human…but once again, he’s presented a fantastic melody that continues to evolve and expand with gorgeous rhythm and heart ever-present in the music.

I did feel a little mixed on “I Miss The View” as well…the song-writing is there once again, I think the vocals flow perfectly…but at times I loved the plodding-along bass-line, other times I wasn’t so sure about it. Everything else seemed to work for me…I didn’t think it was necessarily Barrett’s strongest song overall…BUT…there are moments within the song itself that would easily go on to compete for the album’s biggest highlight. There really are some fantastic choices made and delivered on “I Miss The View” that are certainly worth a few listens or more.

Wrapping-up the album with its final-song, “Over You (Nature’s Song)” finds Barrett bringing you close-in once again for one of the most delicate and focused compositions on his new record. The chorus comes through sweetly with the support of backup vocals chiming in beautifully to assist…but I think it’s the verse itself that might have caught me just as strongly, if not more-so on this last tune on the record. No…the chorus…wait…the verse…no, definitely chorus…okay – you get the idea. Definitely a gorgeous record full of passion, heart and a storyteller’s gift with words – Barrett Myers might make delicate music but he makes a very strong impact with his new album, The Letting Go.

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