Barista – Open Sesame Vol. 3 A Different Beat

 Barista – Open Sesame Vol. 3 A Different Beat

Barista – Open Sesame Vol. 3 A Different Beat – Singles Review

Alrighty…let me see if I’ve got this straight here.  We’ve got the first Barista album that came out in 2014, called Daydream…which was followed up by the next record called 57 in 2016 two years later…and then five more years down the road, we’ve got the third, called Open Sesame, just released.

Or…partially released?  Open Sesame has FIVE volumes to it…I guess that’s one way to go about it all.  The other option of course being, you know, keepin’ the ol’ fans entertained with some of this over the past five years as opposed to pumping it out all at once obviously, but hey, six or one half-dozen of the other I suppose.  As long as the music eventually gets out into the world where it belongs, then right on.

But yes…the rumors are indeed true…five volumes or one series, whatever ya wanna call it, that’s a whole lot of music and new stuff coming out from Barista.  As the digitally thick bass-line grooves of “Dreams Remix B” came on to start up Open Sesame Vol. 3 A Different Beat – I gotta say, I definitely didn’t feel like complaining all that much about the lively spark & innovative combination of sound at work…this track immediately felt refreshing, artistic, and entertaining all at the same time, and my ears are appreciating that plenty right about now.  It should be noted that of the five volumes, this particular one has the least amount of songs on it…just the two on Open Sesame Vol. 3 A Different Beat, but the surrounding four will take ya on a much broader adventure through the full scope of Barista’s latest project as well.  We’ve got a piece here…not the full story…but in terms of enticing you in to listen to what else you might find, this split-single set of “Dreams Remix B” and “Key E” were a stellar combo that should have no real problems, issues, or obstacles winning over the attention of your precious ear-time.

In his words, Barista makes the music that he misses hearing.  Fully focused on his creations, he possesses no drive for commercial success, allowing him to be fully free to create the type of music he loves.”  You regular readers know I’ve got nothing BUT love for that…Barista is clearly our kind of people.

Took a heck of a long time to track down the info on the vocals…which I never really did in any official capacity actually – but I believe the voice you’re hearing on “Dreams Remix B” comes from artist Shelby Noble.  Maybe don’t quote me on that part for sure…I can see everyone out there that’s written about this split-single amongst my peers so far has struggled to overcome that hurdle and pin it down for sure – but if I’ve done my research correctly, and my ears aren’t letting me down, that is indeed who the stunning voice you hear belongs to, so I’m willing to gamble and write it in here to make sure she gets her due credit for this track being as awesome as it is.  As far as the music is concerned…”as a matter of principle, all instruments are absolutely live” according to the main man behind it all, Bahadir Han Eryilmaz.  All I can tell ya is what I hear, as always – and if that’s the method he’s using to achieve results like you’ll hear on “Dreams Remix B” or “Key E” to follow, believe me, none of us should attempt to change his mind.  He’s got music that’s genuine ALIVE, unique, clever, and undeniably entertaining…any of us would be foolish to attempt to convince Barista here to go about doing things any differently than he is right now.  I mean – have a LISTEN for yourself – “Dreams Remix B” JAMS…it’s got the JUICE, it’s got the SPARK…and through both the performance & production, it pretty much can’t help but keep you fully captivated and engaged.  Vocals are magnificent and a perfect fit, the music is relentlessly impressive from the lefts to the rights…it might not have the most memorable hooks perhaps when it comes to any singular aspect, but in terms of how strongly everything stacks up together, “Dreams Remix B” as a whole, is entirely unforgettable.

“Key E” was exceptional and a real standout too – full proof that Barista doesn’t actually need a single word to make a majorly favorable impression on ya through the music on its own, which you get in this second all-instrumental cut.  The most you’ll find me conceding to you here, is that it is almost a bizarre choice…you can absolutely hear how well-suited for vocals a track like “Key E” truly is in the design, and the right singer could go on to raise the stakes of a track like this from its already spectacular greatness into a verifiable straight outta the ballpark homerun.  As it stands right now, it’s brilliantly addictive – I’m not even suggesting remotely that it NEEDS any vocals, because it truly doesn’t – I’m simply making a case on behalf of the public ears out there that do require a few words to hang onto or have a tougher time finding their way into the instrumental realm – the possibility for a song like “Key E” to continue living on…is actually quite interesting to me.  I’d be shopping this around to the artists & singers out there Barista…no rules, no context…all that same creative freedom employed in the methods of making the music, and just see what comes back through the ol’ internet – I really believe there are many voices out there that could go on to take “Key E” to a completely different level in an endless variety of ways.  Ultimately, what I think we’ll all love about the way it is right now, is the fact that music itself is so alive & vibrant once again, that it speaks volumes on its own, and supplies everything your ears could possibly need to be fully entertained.  There’s character, personality, charisma, character – musical hooks that you can’t miss – there’s skills abound, undeniable chops, and flashy instrumentation that is guaranteed to catch your attention, and keep it with the wildly radiant results in everything you’ll hear.  Sensory vibes – that’s what Barista’s rockin’ with in “Key E” folks…you can feel the energy of a track like this surge right through you in that inspirational & uplifting way that makes ya feel like you could go climb an entire mountain on your own in an afternoon.  Empowering is the word I suppose…like you could just as easily go marching right into the office of your boss and demand that raise, or run that marathon, or win that case in front of the supreme court, or sell that car for the full sticker price – whatever it is you do – with full confidence, just by having “Key E” as your soundtrack and the fuel that helps drive you towards better days.  A great hybrid mix in between the realms of Progressive & Pop/Rock, “Key E” makes for an exciting departure from so much of what is out there right now, and the kind of substantial journey in real entertainment that we need – both of these cuts were excellent in that regard, no doubt about it.  Creative freedom suits Barista incredibly well – you can hear the effect it has in their enthusiasm and the passion the music is played with, and how their uplifting vibe fully transfers straight over to us, 100%.

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