B.O.Y. – Be Only You

 B.O.Y. – Be Only You

B.O.Y. – Be Only You – EP Review

There is a discernable amount of distinct talent within the all-female, R&B-meets-Trip-hop group B.O.Y. on their smooth sounding EP, Be Only You. The chilled-out vibe in the pulse of the music contrasts with the empowering & seize-the-moment sentiment of much of the lyrical content, making for a unique stroll through an EP with as much message as it has charm.

Beginning with “We” the Be Only You EP starts with a rhythmic auto-tuned hook that breaks-way to the rest of the B.O.Y. crew joining in with lead-parts and spectacular performances; each part serves a purpose, sparkles in sexiness and sounds perfect in pitch, tone, energy & emotion…no weak link in the B.O.Y. chain. “We” gets the energy going in the right direction as the EP heads into the single-worthy song, “1996.” Beautiful lyrics, flawless melody and delivery…these ladies have put together an atmosphere on “1996” that contains pure-sweetness and hooks that enchant listening ears into their full attention, never to let it go. I cannot stress enough just how much each member of B.O.Y. fits, contributes, and fully delivers – they sound gorgeous whether it’s on their own or in layers of harmonies weaving together their unique talents when backing each other up.

You can hear that…or at least I think you can personally…a lot of the music of B.O.Y. sounds very respectful…I mean that in the sense of the performers and vocalists in the group – it seems as if they all know where to trade-off the microphone and when to take a verse…and it honestly sounds incredibly evenly-split. Each take their moment in the spotlight throughout the EP; one of the best examples comes in the direct-middle of Be Only You with “W.T.F.” and the massively addicting hooks coming from every vocalist, from every angle. It’s truly terrific stuff…I know it’s not my normal thing…but this EP is jammin’ through the smooth-beats and silky-performances that drip golden-tones into microphones.

The way these fine ladies weave their vocal magic is pretty extraordinary really…they’ve all done a truly impressive of job of adding significant amounts of rhythm & groove into the way that the words are written, flow and performed – and that’s the difference that really seems to set B.O.Y. apart from the rest for me. “Missin U” packs in another tightly-produced beat for B.O.Y. to sing with, and they make the most of a truly unified performance that builds in intensity as it plays on. Smart breakdown, rapped-out rhymes and again, some of their lyrical-best right here on another single-worthy track in “Missin U.”

One final explosion of expressive love & passion in the final moments with a short moment that takes you back to the beautiful vibe of where it all started at the beginning of the EP and they end on “Love You Down (Interlude).” As gorgeous and powerful as the ladies themselves – B.O.Y. goes on to put in an energetic final-performance on “Love You Down (Interlude)” in a strong bid to be remembered and get you quickly hitting that repeat-button on the Be Only You EP.

Worked on me! They all sound fantastic, the production and music is completely strong and the entire EP flows fantastically smooth with no rough-edges or anything I felt needed change. These ladies are in-charge, confident and at their very-best on the Be Only You EP – beautifully-inviting vibe to this record.

Have a listen and hear it for yourself! Check out B.O.Y. on Spotify here: smarturl.it/BeOnlyYouSP

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