Aymee Santana – “One PUFF Not ENUFF”

 Aymee Santana – “One PUFF Not ENUFF”

Aymee Santana – “One PUFF Not ENUFF” – Music Video Release/Review

Dear readers, dear friends…I say this with the utmost sincerity – do you know how insanely rare it is to agree with every single word of a song and the intentions behind it?  I’ll tell ya direct – phenomenally rare.  Yet here we are, about to discuss that very miracle, coming to us courtesy of marijuana advocate & musical artist Aymee Santana.  I mean…when it comes to facts, she’s supplyin’ ya with a full audio ounce of’em – and you can clearly see they start being served up right in the title alone!  “One PUFF Not ENUFF” – m’lady, what else could possibly be said other than I completely agree, and thank-you for your service!  More facts for ya – both Aymee and I know we’re not alone in all this – far from it; there’s an entire army (a supremely chill one, mind you) of people just like us standing up for the plant of all plants.

PLUS…let’s face it – the message wouldn’t come across at all unless she was havin’ a lil’ FUN to go with it, right?  That’s where the video comes in – grab your bong or your spliff, and check out “One PUFF Not ENUFF” below yo!

To quote Gladiator – “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Yeah you are.  And so am I!  Again, to Aymee, I say thanks – and congrats!  Don’t get me wrong, there are just about a million ways to enjoy this video on a surface-level for the fun it provides and your main star’s sunny disposition – but recognize that her achievement here actually goes far beyond that.  Hang on tight dear stoners…because I’m about to trip you out with some serious knowledge-bombs…

What Aymee’s actually created here, is a completely strong combination of art & activism – and she’s done it all in a way that is genuinely going to connect with the people out there.  Like I was saying…on the surface, she’s got ya stocked with all kinds of fun visually, and the song itself is actually incredibly catchy – believe me when I say, there’s zero doubt about how much this hook will get stuck in your head – you WILL be singing this around the house afterwards, and there’s a damn good chance it’ll go even further than that and become part of the lexicon.  At the very least, you can bet your sweet green-lovin’ asses that someone in your circle will be shouting “One PUFF Not ENUFF” as they take the J in rotation.

To quote another marijuana advocate, comedian Bill Maher – “I don’t know it for a fact; I just know it to be true.”  Here’s what else is true though…and this is a concept that the world is gradually waking up to – there are ALL KINDS of purposes for weed.  As in…well…okay…one last quote for ya…from Men Without Hats – “You can dance IF you WANT to” – you can certainly make use of marijuana for many medical reasons too.  What I’m saying here to you munchers, is that Aymee has successfully found a way to keep you thoroughly entertained, while also providing education to the masses upon consumption.  That is, consumption of the song/video we’re talking about here…even the people that don’t wanna get down with the devil’s lettuce could easily understand the ultimate message this single provides, which is essentially to break through the stigma that society has placed around weed, and recognize that it’s a natural plant that has literally helped MILLIONS of people around the globe with all kinds of things from physical pain to mental anguish, issues with anxiety & stress…this list could go on & on & you KNOW it.

For myself personally, I’d be nearly completely socially paralyzed were it not for the assistance of Mary Jane…but this isn’t about me, or Aymee, or any one person at all really – it’s about ALL of us, you dig?  It’s about the freedom to enjoy life, make our own choices, and self-medicate responsibly, should we choose to do so; whether that means physical or mental pain-relief – or just chillin’ out on the couch with your favorite snack, or turning up songs just like this one, to simply have yourself a great day – ALL options should be on the table when it comes to how the people out there choose to use a natural plant.  There should be no judgment involved – people should be fully free to do as they choose, 100%.

So take a page out of Aymee’s playbook here and educate yourself – she’ll get ya started on your way with this new single/video she’s got for “One PUFF Not ENUFF,” for sure – but make sure to take it even further and find out more…because you never know what you might be able to accomplish with a few more greens up in ya!  She’s got herself a wonderful combination of island-vibes in the music to chill with, an excellent video that certainly gets the point across – and she’s got words for ya that’ll hook you right in to sing along with her, while supplying you with knowledge.  Like I’ve been saying from the get-go here – to find all this going on at once, is truly a rare combination of music and message together.

But will ya make sure you don’t smoke your eyes closed or pass out before this video is finished playing?  Hopefully all you amazing people reading this, listening, and watching don’t need to be told this – but stick around through the entire video & song!  Aymee’s got some wise words and information for you towards the end in her own PSA of sorts…and you’ll also see some of the behind-the-scenes magic on how a video like this gets made as well.  Awesome right?

You’ll also see her having even MORE fun at the end too, in the green-screen highlights at the end of “One PUFF Not ENUFF.”

I highly suspect that Aymee is ALWAYS having some sort of fun, one way or the other.  What’s incredible is that she’s chosen to share those vibes with us and use her powers for the greater-green-good here.

I wish the world had a whole lot more people like Aymee Santana in it.  Who knows – maybe with songs like this out there that provide equal parts entertainment & information…maybe there will be one day.

She gets a full salute from us – long may you run m’lady.

Find more music from Aymee Santana at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oPFB6atuQW1FzPOggAgxt

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