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Leadsucker – Burn

Leadsucker – Burn – Album Review I have to admit – it’s not every day that I’ll find an album with THIRTY songs on it that spans a total length less than any of the TEN-song Weezer albums out there, but that’s exactly what you’re in for here today in this review of the new […]Read More

Electrician – “This Is How We Do It”

Electrician – “That’s How We Do It” – Single Review Every once in a while I get asked to review someone’s latest work; in fact, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already come to notice that. In this coming week you’ll come to appreciate the diversity in that first statement as we range from covering an […]Read More

The Future Exes – First Thought

The Future Exes – First Thought – EP Review Right on. That was my immediate first thought pressing play on this new EP called First Thought by The Future Exes. I already had a few conversations with this band that already put my mind at ease – before even listening to the EP we had already talked […]Read More

Gandalf’s Fist – A Day In The Life Of A

Gandalf’s Fist – A Day In The Life Of A Universal Wanderer – Album Review I had mentioned to this band straight away that I love the name of the band, and I do, for several reasons. Obviously when I think about “Gandalf” the only one I can immediately think of or draw to is the […]Read More

Defining Censorship…

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Alright everyone – thanks for coming by! I’ve got a ton to say today, to the point where there’s even less of a probability of brevity in this blog than normal; consider yourselves warned! When I left you last time in the official dated blog postings – I mentioned the upcoming review […]Read More

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects – Counterclockwise

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects – Counterclockwise – Album Review Ooooooooooooooh boy…..we’ve got a melting pot on our hands here! I was only two songs in when I realized that Ivan Mihaljevic and his band Side Effects were going to attempt to cross the entire landscape of musical history in one album. Pushing play on any […]Read More

Connor O’Brien – Prizefighter

Connor O’Brien – Prizefighter – Album Review Connor, Connor, Connor…where do I start? You’ve thrown an absolute curveball into what has so far been a fantastic ride through genres I gravitate towards normally…describing yourself as pop-rock, my friend – you’re in my toughest and most critical category! I always feel like I’m a little tougher on both […]Read More

Swan Beppin

Swan Beppin of Songfugl fra Sommersted This was all kinds of awesome. Answering my questions today is Swan Beppin of the band Songfugl fra Sommersted. All the way from her current base camp in Asia I am literally blown away by the amount of history she shares here through this interview. She’s been a musician since 1967 […]Read More

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