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SBS Live This Week Original Series 069

Find pictures of Aztec from sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0042: Album #0053: Album #0080: Album #0090: Album #0119: More

Kyle & Lisa – Impasse

Kyle & Lisa – “Impasse” – Single Review At not even 2 minutes and forty seconds long, one might think there might not be a lot to talk about in today’s review…and one would be wrong! A clever single from Kyle & Lisa called “Impasse” that has just dropped onto the net has caught my ear […]Read More

Bees In A Bottle – Quiet Room

Bees In A Bottle – Quiet Room – Album Review It feels oddly like it has been awhile since I’ve done a review, though we all know it hasn’t been long at all… Whatever the case is, it’s great to be here and I’m stoked to be able to talk about this latest album, Quiet Room […]Read More

Jim Vierra & Friends – Untitled – EP Review

Jim Vierra & Friends – Untitled – EP Review Well…the day has finally come fellow followers of SBS…Country music has made its way all the way from Nashville to our tiny corner of the internet. Though I’ve never shied away from any style of music – here we are, into our second year and only now […]Read More

Syndrome Of Fire – Save Me From Myself

Syndrome Of Fire – Save Me From Myself – EP Review Hard GARBAGE! Hmmm. Now that I read that opening, I’m thinking you might not all know what I mean…I better explain that better I suppose cause I’m certainly not implying this EP is bad in ANY way. Polar opposite; this is a genius set of four […]Read More

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