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SBS Live Original Series 071

Find pictures of Fey from the sleepingbagstudios sessions at the links below! Album #0043: Album #0056: Album #0073: Album #0087: Album #0107: Album #0125: More

The Yellow Dress – Faint Music Ordinary Light

The Yellow Dress – Faint Music Ordinary Light – Album Review When you look up The Yellow Dress on Facebook one of the first things you see and notice might very well be the same first thing that caught my eye. At the top of the page, right by the “about” button where I usually go […]Read More

Sprightly Moans

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good SPRIGHT! Let’s face it – Christmas music isn’t always “all that.” There are often too many bells and certainly not enough ROCK. You might even argue that over time the holiday season itself has become more about presents than it has been about presence…so let’s change that up […]Read More

Cinja – “Still Love You”

Cinja – “Still Love You” – Single Review Cinja! That’s a name that you just have to love. Surprisingly, this singer/songwriter with a name that could just as easily fit in the punk-rock category, makes music that is incredibly sweet. Coming to us all the way from Germany, Cinja has just released the heartfelt piano ballad “Still Love […]Read More

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