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Elmo Karjalainen – The Free Guitar Album

Elmo Karjalainen – The Free Guitar Album – Album Review The album starts out HOT! Elmo Karjalainen comes out absolutely crushing the guitar licks on the opening of The Free Guitar Album with “Instrumetal.” Intense and mind-blowingly well-played – Elmo starts off this album with a masterpiece guitar epic that tears the place up from […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Soul Of A Man

Kenny Fame – Soul Of A Man – EP Review I cannot tell you any lies dear readers…when I saw the name Kenny Fame pop up into my inbox…I was honestly a little surprised! In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have been; the number one attribute in Kenny Fame is his willingness to develop, refine and […]Read More

The Unravelling – “Master Drone”

The Unravelling – “Master Drone” – Single Review If you read into the backstory on lead-singer for The Unravelling – Steve Moore…it’s pretty inspiring stuff. Next-door neighbours to our province in B.C. – in Calgary, Alberta Steve had been battling cancer diagnosed officially in 2011 up until recently kicking its ass into remission and eventual […]Read More

Cedar Reed – Man On The Left

Cedar Reed – Man On The Left – EP Review Let it always be said as it reflects the absolute certain truth – first impressions count, always. I suppose it might be something to do with the L.A. vibe, but Cedar Reed…folks ‘round these parts say HELLO when working together! Otherwise it’s like starting off […]Read More

Jody Loud – Letters From Rehab

Jody Loud – Letters From Rehab – EP Review As much as it can sometimes jerk the impulse of ego to be offended that everyone on the internet throughout the globe yet, I also can’t help but appreciate it big-time when an artist or a band comes at us looking for the ‘honest’ review…the ‘real-deal.’ […]Read More

Marshfieldz – “Windows” & “Amy”

Marshfieldz – “Windows” & “Amy” – Singles Reviewed Easy-going, melodic Americana sounds started out my experience in listening to the latest singles from Marshfieldz; I chose to begin with “Windows” and found the resulting sounds to be an inviting & pleasant, gentle welcome into the music and style of Marshfieldz. Currently ranked #44 on the […]Read More

The Grind Theory – “Heartbeat,” “Kissing You,” “Tonight”

The Grind Theory – “Heartbeat,” “Kissing You” & “Tonight” – Singles Reviewed New single from The Grind Theory, the third to be exact but first time on our pages here; “Heartbeat” pulses along with innovative and creative electro backing a strong vocal performance and overall catchy groove that certainly warrants a listening from both of […]Read More

PHY – Live From Ninety-One

PHY – Live From Ninety-One – Mixtape Review Smooth, chilled-out atmospheres come out strongly in the opening of the latest mixtape from PHY – Live From Ninety-One. It takes less than a minute to want to be a part of the rhythm and groove of PHY, “I Got A Feeling” is definitely not a cover […]Read More

Seth Balestrieri – “Our Song (Boston Strong)”

Seth Balestrieri – “Our Song (Boston Strong)” – Single Review I often get a little antsy when I realize that my first introduction to an artist or band’s music is tied to a cause or awareness campaign…largely for two reasons. One being that I’m a crusty, old & bitter version of the beautiful butterfly I […]Read More

Prose In Rosette – Abstract Retract

Prose In Rosette – Abstract Retract – EP Review Prose In Rosette is making sweet alternative music with a large indie-vibe running through it. Fans of bands like Sparklehorse or James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins will get that melodic sound they love with what Douglas Jay Hertel has been coming up with in the […]Read More

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