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Bud Summers – The Way

Bud Summers – The Way – Album Review Ya gotta love this…definitely the sound of a man that knows what he’s doing here on The Way by Bud Summers. With a solid groove established in jazz/blues-infused rock, his rhythms on this album sound natural, honest & professional all at the same time. It’s outside of […]Read More

Neighborhood Goliath – Between Satellites & Settling

Neighborhood Goliath – Between Satellites & Settling – EP Review Following one of the best nights of live-music I’ve seen in Vancouver in years, it’s a good thing I listen to as much of this music as I can before writing these reviews…I knew exactly which EP to turn today. I needed something solid that […]Read More

Cirex – “Money Magnet”

Cirex – “Money Magnet” – Single Review Mathematical music-hero Cirex is back on our pages with a brand-new set of broken-electro fragments all pieced together with the skill of a surgeon on his latest “Money Magnet.” In my humble opinion…I’ve watched as the evolution of Cirex has grown over time…and I’ve listened to his complex […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 004

New podcast with Ryan & Jer @ SBS where Ryan talks to Ryan Rutherford of noise-rock band CLOSER in an official 1-on-1 Ryan-off! Check out a new sample-cut from the upcoming split EP from Closer and fellow dark-grunge-rock-band Fey as we preview a new song, play the lead single from Fey’s album Bye Bipolar and […]Read More

Russell Suereth – Spiritual Haven

Russell Suereth – Spiritual Haven – Album Review I’ve always got time for music like this and so rarely get the chance to sit, relax & enjoy without thinking about the business-side of life at the same time. It takes a real cohesive, audible-execution to make a gentle, ambient sound to be captivating enough to […]Read More

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love”

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love” – Single Review I was relieved to see that looking into the posting of this single to Troy Lindsey’s social-media/Facebook page yielded the answers to the questions I had about this new song “Outlaw Love” he’s put out. Some of you out there are already aware of my […]Read More

Pia Dean – “Gone” Feat. Scarlet Cox

Let me start off with saying I’m in love with pretty much anything/everything about this new single, “Gone” from song-writer/producer Pia Dean featuring the stunning talents of Scarlet Cox.  If anyone out there is looking to know what kind of melodies make perfect sense to this bearded reviewer’s ears…look/listen no further than the combined efforts […]Read More

Rex Macadangdang – Cosmic Rainbow

Rex Macadangdang – Cosmic Rainbow – Album Review The first thing you might notice when you check out the music & social-media of Rex Macadangdang might be the fact that there are seven other players about to lend their talents and skills to support this singer/song-writer who has been in the incubator for over a […]Read More

WINMADEIT x Johnny Santos – “7GRAND”

Check out a brand-new video…no joke – this thang is NEWER than new & just released this week at the tail-end of July 2015! It’s the new release & single from WINMADEIT x Johnny Santos, combining their talents on “7GRAND.”  The video itself was shot entirely on an iphone6 – proving once again you can […]Read More

Gold Wolf – Gold Wolf

Gold Wolf – Gold Wolf – EP Review Sometimes you hear a sound of a band that comes out gunning so professionally that it just makes sense to the brain that one day you won’t be the only one hearing what you’ve just heard. I got that feeling about twenty-five seconds in when the bass, […]Read More

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