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1700 Monkey Ninjas – You ARE The Storm

1700 Monkey Ninjas – You ARE The Storm – Album Review Perfect day to discuss this album You ARE The Storm by 1700 Monkey Ninjas; and as the name certainly suggests, you can expect the unexpected all throughout this album. What begins with the massive sounds of “Skavenjurr” are merely just the beginning to this […]Read More

Chris Weaver Band – American Dreamer

Chris Weaver Band – American Dreamer – Album Review If you want to hear one of my absolute favourite voices in true rock-n-roll-based rhythm and blues, feast your ears on what Chris Weaver is doing with his band on their latest album American Dreamer. Led by his incredible vocals and all-out performances, this real-rock hero […]Read More

Stonewall – Master Vibrato

Stonewall – Master Vibrato – EP Review Stonewall’s latest EP is aptly titled, heavily auto-tuned and full of low-end intensity. If you’re a fan of artists like Lil’ Wayne, or anything that came after the minimalist-movement within music spurred on by our lord and saviour of music – Yeezus – sit back and get ready […]Read More

SBS Separated 021 – Laura Kelsey & Rory MacRury (Live

SBS Separated Continues! Enjoy This!  Filmed outside in the backyard of sleepingbagstudios in 2013…a most excellent combination of two artists performed together out in the blinding sun.  The tremendously talented and first guest we EVER had on SBS Live This Week…the fantabulous Laura Kelsey joined by the incredibly-skilled Rory MacRury put on an excellent performance […]Read More

C-Rod – The Devil Is Real

C-Rod – The Devil Is Real – Mixtape Review First thing that hit me off C-Rod’s latest record, The Devil Is Real, was the incredible beats he had found throughout this mix. C-rod himself has a wicked flow…almost sounds like he would have fit in with the Onyx crew from back in the serious-rap heyday. […]Read More

Linadrena – The Journey

Linadrena – The Journey – Album Review There are a lot of things to like about what Linadrena is up to. For instance, you can start with the fact that nothing you’ll hear on the new album, The Journey, will fit into any kind of particular format…these are nearly soundscapes in many ways, with real […]Read More

SBS Separated 019 – Skellig (Live From Vancouver Island 2014)

SBS Separated Continues! Enjoy This!  I had the privilege of being able to speak at the launch celebration for the Mighty Speck indie-music label/community.  This was a band that definitely impressed me that day…though we never did catch the official name of it…  Enjoy it anyway!  This is Skellig, live from Vancouver Island in early […]Read More

Arid Garden – Arid Garden

Arid Garden – Arid Garden – EP Review Big fan of these five songs on this new EP from Arid Garden, let me say that right from the get-go. This is a highly ambitious band bringing a form of progressive jazz right to the top of my playlist right now.   There’s a complete wealth of […]Read More