"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

The Drama Dolls

An excellent talk with the main-man behind the music-project known as The Drama Dolls – come and learn about how the music is put together from the perspective of Mike Cambridge.  We’ve reviewed the music from The Drama Dolls EP, The Sublime Art Of Self Importance in the past and it was a complete honor […]Read More

Vitne – Endless Blue

Vitne – Endless Blue – EP Review Different atmospheres and textures from all-over the rock genre creep into the classic sounds of Vitne on his new EP, Endless Blue; it’s been a long time since we first turned onto this artist…somewhere way-back-when a couple years ago or so as we first started to run SBS […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 005

Interview with Brandon Tyler World! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking here! To have your music featured on the show, click this link to become the next artist or band we play tunes from on the SBS Podcast!Read More

Firekind – What I Have Found Is Already Lost

Firekind – What I Have Found Is Already Lost – Album Review I’ll preface this entire review by telling you first that this is a must-hear album containing some of the most powerful moments I’ve heard this year so far – so be READY for Firekind. A British 3-piece rock-ensemble – they’ve got a lot […]Read More

Gabe Close – Leave That Light On

Gabe Close – Leave That Light On – EP Review With some of the most warm & inviting sounds you’ll hear this year, Gabe Close opens his new EP with comforting tones of home, with lyrics and sentiment that’s relatable and easy to take in on “Weary Mind.” With a slight twinge of Tom Petty-ish […]Read More

Impending Lies – Believe

Impending Lies – Believe – EP Review Can’t help but almost be slightly amused by the music-industry and its fickle nature when listening to this new EP from Impending Lies; back in my Jurassic-day, a band like this would have been snapped-up instantly by major labels all bearing the vicious fruit of the post-grunge era. […]Read More

Rick Shaffer

Well…readers you know that I cannot tell you any lies…this one was a tough one for me to read back…but a very rewarding experience in doing so.  There’s a wide array of emotion in this interview with Rick Shaffer, whom we just reviewed recently for his solo-album Jitterbug Shake; some of them heated, passionate, direct […]Read More

Joseph Pagano – Time And Colors

Joseph Pagano – Time And Colors – EP Review There is a strong mix of emotions on Joseph Pagano’s latest EP Time And Colors, his second release of the year to be exact, following February’s release of the Graveyard Of Dreams EP. This is our first introduction to this indie/alternative-rock artist and his tender, sincere […]Read More

Advance – Deus Ex Machina (Redux)

Advance – Deus Ex Machina (Redux) – Album Review Big synth, big beats and big anthems rule throughout the electro-composition that makes up the music of Advance on this hefty double-disc version of their 2014 release. Helmed by the soaring vocals of Tom Perrett, Advance has recreated these tunes in a monumental fashion – each […]Read More

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