Austin Dean Kennah – “The Millennial Puzzle”

 Austin Dean Kennah – “The Millennial Puzzle”

Say word…Austin Dean Kennah is from right here in the heartland?  #HellzYeahMyCanadianBrethren

Seems like this dude’s been picking up plenty of momentum while the world’s been standing still around him.  Austin’s been making big moves since around 2019 or so from what we can see online; he released his Calculated Emotions EP in that first year, then followed it up with the Robot Boy Vs. The Human Race EP in 2020 and a full-length score for Marshall Murphy’s movie The Drema as well…he’s put out tons of singles along the way & scattered throughout those first couple years, and he’s already back with a brand-new cut to keep his music surging throughout 2021.  “The Millennial Puzzle” has the young man & mogul just doin’ his level best to try & navigate the world of feels, thoughts, and emotions that tend to dominate the mindset of the generation he’s reppin’ – and in the process, gives ya a solid dose of his soulful sound & the sincerity in his songwriting.  Starting the year off right with full video support, “The Millennial Puzzle” is shot by Rival Crown Productions, who give this cut an added twist of humor for ya onscreen that’ll leave you wondering if the main stars of the show are really playin’ with a full deck, or if they’ve got even more aces up their sleeve to keep ya interested as you’re watching this game go down.  Austin gives ya a great glimpse of his chilled-out natural persona onscreen for all to see, and he’s got himself a great new single that details what it’s like to be trying to solve “The Millennial Puzzle” with the weight of the world on your shoulders & massive expectations suggesting you’re just supposed to have all the answers, and all of the time.  Give it a spin!  Check out the “Millennial Puzzle” by Austin Dean Kennah, aka ADK, below yo!





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