Augie Dawg – “Back Pain Blues”

 Augie Dawg – “Back Pain Blues”

Who would’ve thought you could find so much joy in this much pain?

Augie Dawg & his band have a serious amount of fun in the new video supporting this new single of theirs, called “Back Pain Blues.”  These fellas may all have their own individual ailments, but they all show up to lend their talents to a good time when it comes to playing together – both the song & video speak strongly on behalf of a band that clearly likes to get right into the groove and create genuine entertainment for the people out there listening & watching.  Rooted in a traditional style of rhythmically-inclined Blues, Augie Dawg adds in additional flash, flair & appeal to this single with the clever use of the personality radiating through the backing vocals, and that sweet-home sound of the harmonica joining in with the bass, drums, guitar, piano combo they got goin’ on.  As they sing their way to the doctor’s office & back to health again, Augie Dawg keep their antics onscreen lighthearted fun designed for all to enjoy, and they keep their impressively tight jam stocked full of vibrant musicianship & an uplifting spark along the way – they might have the “Back Pain Blues,” but it sure sounds like they’ve found the cure as well through the music they’re making.  Check it out for yourself – click play on “Back Pain Blues” by Augie Dawg below!

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