Arthur The Artiste* – “Somebody”

 Arthur The Artiste* – “Somebody”

There was just…something…that didn’t seem to add up.

Here I was, staring at a picture of Arthur The Artiste* laying on the floor, passed out or full-on dead for all I know…and I’m reading about this proudly bizarre cat from out there in this odd music-scene we all share together…and then “Somebody” started out with like…you know…pretty much a traditional, melancholy, classical piano melody.  For a moment I was like, what in the hell did I miss here?  Not that I wasn’t enjoying myself – I’ve said many times that I’ll sit all day long & listen to a piano jam if that’s how you wanna get down – but it just seemed like what I was seeing & reading about wasn’t going to line up with what I was hearing somehow…at least for moment there.  Then, just about forty-seconds in, the whole thing changes, morphs, shifts, and transitions right into the artist I felt like I was learning about all along as Arthur The Artiste* slid “Somebody” into the wild combination of fun & personality you’d read about on his pages online.  It’s what you call the ol’ fake-out y’all…he went left, we all go right with him, and just when you thought you might have an idea of what’s goin’ on, he flips the script & switches it up.

All of a sudden you just went from the quiet you’d find on the inside of a library to a track about drinkin’ & smokin’ and lookin’ for love just about everywhere & anywhere.  Arthur The Artiste* goes on to reveal an undeniably memorable hook & celebratory vibe that connects quick, and the whole track & new video supporting his latest cut from his upcoming debut album Project Dreams springs to life along with him.  Personality reigns supreme when it comes to the music of Arthur The Artiste* – and right off the drop here, if this is your first experience with this dude like it was for us, he teaches ya to expect the unexpected.  He’s a strange one out there in the scene, and clearly ain’t making any attempt to hide that whatsoever so much as embrace it, and let his own clever instincts guide him straight towards the top.  He’s got a slice of colorfully addictive sound at work here on this single of his…relevant for the right here & now too, even with the inherently odd way this whole song & video play out – maybe even especially because of that in fact – Arthur The Artiste* is having some real fun here in both the audio and visuals he’s got put together for “Somebody,” and he takes you along with him to enjoy, every step of the way.

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