Artdayn – “Home Movie”

 Artdayn – “Home Movie”

We continue to be massively excited about Artdayn’s music.  At the end of 2017, we checked out a handful of singles from Artdayn and were incredibly impressed with the results…genuine personality in his writing & real character & charisma in his versatile style on the mic & overall sound.  One of those singles was the song “Home Movie” – which now has a killer video to go with it.  Of course right?  Like Artdayn does anything that’s not awesome!  Pretty confident that this highly skilled, uniquely talented, fresh perspective in music he’s got is always set to offer our ears & eyes entertainment that connects in some way, shape, or form – he’s an artist when it comes right down to it in every sense of the word.  Even here, on “Home Movie” – which will likely be one of the sexiest/dirtiest combinations in R&B that you’ll ever hear in your LIFE – you can hear the effort’s put into the vibe and sound of the music and certainly, you can now see it onscreen as well through the wicked new video that now supports this single.  It’s a BOLD choice to put out there…but then again, this entire song is about making bold choices ain’t it?  Check out the stellar visuals for the twisted love-affair Artdayn’s singing about in the new video for “Home Movie” below!

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