ArisYea – “Cocaine Girl”

 ArisYea – “Cocaine Girl”

This is how you get it done y’all!

If you read the online bio about Athens, Greece-based artist ArisYea, you’ll find he pretty much started up his whole music career to keep him doing SOMETHING, in a sincere effort to not die of boredom during these isolated & quarantined times we’ve all been living in throughout the past year.  The extra time on his hands has served him extremely well to be truthful – you’ll see it in the cinematic results of the mini-movie he’s created for the video of his DEBUT single, “Cocaine Girl” – complete with a full storyline, gritty & raw filming that catches the intensity of the situational argument goin’ down, and the main star of the show, ArisYea, right there onscreen taking on the role of the main character as well.   With the slick & smooth sound of ArisYea on the mic and the straight-up magnificent mix on the low-end & in the overall production of “Cocaine Girl” being 100% on-point, you add in the incredible effort he’s put in to making a wildly engaging video to support his first track…and it becomes crystal clear, even in the darkness of the murky scenes in the video and heaviness of the vibe, that this is a highly focused artist with his head in the game, ready to do things right, with excellent ideas on how to keep you fully entertained from the screens to the speakers.  The work-ethic is definitely there – you can see it visually in the video, you can hear it in the smooth attention to detail in the song, and you can even tell more by the fact that ArisYea has already got more music out there, dropping his two-track Our Generation EP online in 2020.  He’s got 2021 started up right with a completely solid video that’s guaranteed to entertain’ ya, and give you all some insight into the sound of the Athens scene through the perspective of one of its emerging artists certain to be in-store for another breakout year early on in his career – check out ArisYea’s “Cocaine Girl” below!

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