APKLYPZ – “Golden Spiralverse”

 APKLYPZ – “Golden Spiralverse”

APKLYPZ – “Golden Spiralverse” – Music Video Release/Review

Facts are facts…you don’t get to being a guy like me with an Aphex Twin tattoo right on his forearm for the entire world to see without having an intense love for the tripped-out side of the Electro universe.  As wacky as some of it can be and often is – it’s also an indication that I like that shit done RIGHT – and outside of a cluster of reliable names that I’ve gathered throughout the years, I still stay in that lane; in fact it’s become extremely rare that I find something Electro-anything that’ll impress my eyes & ears ever since.  But this!  This is scratching that itch for imagination & creativity in the genre I crave.

The effort has completely been put in here – and I’m loving it.  Not only does APKLYPZ have a whole set of killer sounds all slickly moving & stylistically designed to catch your ears in all the right ways – but check out the wicked video that comes along with it!  When you couple these visuals and how well this video & song are edited to move together, it certainly justifies the statement in his bio online from his social-media that reads:  “Mixing downbeat jazztronica and psychedelic visuals to put the trippy back in trip-hop. Original music and videos fresh from dystopia utopia.”  True that my friend, true that.  In the stunning array of Electrobeat & subtle-chill sounds you’ll find in the music, you’ll also find the video to be equally compelling & captivating visually – all set in a golden hue to complement the “Golden Spiralverse” perfectly onscreen.  The synchronicity between the music & video are a pure pleasure to experience…and with everything so wildly entertaining at all times, this cut seriously flies right by; it’s only 2:15 in length, but we’re talking about a serious impact both visually & audibly that you’ll remember.  Look at the intricate way this video is cut…LISTEN to the subtle additions to the music being made along the way, subtracted at others, and how the dynamics in the transitions & flow of APKLYPZ completely work together with the way things move on screen.  With an entire set of stunning scenes, tripped-out visual patterns, split-screens, sped-up footage played back & forth at ya – the ocular entertainment never stops coming at you and suits the movement & style of this song unbelievably well.  Essentially I want to live in the “Golden Spiralverse” now, you feel me?

And from everything I can see, research, and find out there – this looks like a debut single/video!  You kidding me?  APKLYPZ’s trip into a parallel dimension on “Golden Spiralverse” both looks and sounds like the work of a seasoned veteran of the scene, no doubt about it.  If this dude continues with this kind of exceptional quality and attention to detail in his music & vids…believe me, the sky ain’t even the limit for this artist, as detailed in this new single.  There are entire worlds and realms of music still waiting to be explored – it just takes an artist with some creative courage and experimental bravery to break through to that next level…and after everything you see & hear on “Golden Spiralverse” – I think we can all agree that the potential for APKLYPZ to be that next imaginative force in the Electro circuit certainly exists.  The force is freakin’ STRONG this this one!  Definitely a single-worthy cut…I think the combination of Jazztronica with a bit of a mellow IDM twist on it is completely ear-catching, without question professionally put together, and results in sound you want to shovel right into your faceholes.  “Golden Spiralverse” doesn’t just get me excited for Electro-based music again – it gets me excited for the true art that can come along with it, and how quite often the sounds of this genre can continue to inspire other mediums to reach for that next-level as well, just like you’ll see in the video for this single.

Extremely cool stuff all-around…visually, audibly…there’s just no argument to be made here otherwise.  Massively stoked on the level of control and ear for sound that APKLYPZ has – and I’m even more impressed by the level of detail in the art on display between the video & song combined.  This dude is CUNNING – he’s making moves that should be recognized for their awesomeness – I mean…I even love the LOGO for APKLYPZ and obviously salute the incredible BEARD this guy is rocking – full respect!  I see & hear every reason to be excited about the future of the music of APKLYPZ…I just don’t think an artist like this comes out of the gate so strongly only to disappoint later on – that ain’t gonna happen here.  A creative visionary artist like APKLYPZ stands a genuine shot of making music & art fuse together in extraordinary ways we couldn’t possibly conceive of on our own – that genius is already on display here in the single/video for “Golden Spiralverse,” but mark my words, this guy will keep on amazing you over the years to follow.  Remember you heard it here first.

Find out more about APKLYPZ and listen to “Golden Spiralverse” through the official links below!

Official Website:  https://apklypz.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/apklypz

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4G4RS3rx6O2vgwtm72WjJY

Bandcamp:  https://apklypz.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/apklypz

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/apklypz

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