AP Production – “One Last Love”

 AP Production – “One Last Love”

AP Production – “One Last Love” – Single Review

You all know I’ve got a lot of love & respect for the people out there in music that have the best of intentions; those artists, bands and yes, even talent behind the scenes that make the entire experience inspiring – those kind of amazing people.  Meet André Pflaum of AP Production – he’s a man on a mission to spread music around the world in an insightful, creative & collaborative way; essentially AP Production finds talent spread out throughout all corners of the globe to work with.  The end result has the music ranging through a massive variety of styles & sounds while blending genres, unique talents and skill-levels from musicians that bring their own awesome personalities into the mix, making everything that AP Production ventures into virtually & audibly different than whatever you might have heard from them the last time around.  You see what I’m saying?  That’s rad!

It’s definitely a different approach to the entire concept of making music than most have attempted…for sure there are lots of willing collaborators out there in the music-scene in every corner, but rarely do you run into an entire entity that’s so willing & ready to embrace change.  You want blues?  No problem.  Hip-hop?  Yep, they can do that.  Pop, soul, electronic, reggae, rock, metal…you get the idea – AP Production does it all and I salute that kind of courage when it comes to taking on music of all styles.  We all have our own comfort zones…if anything, AP Production is looking to lead the way out of those comfort zones and into a new era of making music; being willing to take on such a range of styles will lead to extraordinary combinations of sound and a tremendously diverse catalog over time for certain.

You’ll be able to catch additional thoughts on the latest single/video “One Last Love” on the next episodes of SBS Live This Week and the SBS Podcast…but until they’re posted up, if you’re reading this, you’ll be among the first to check out this new pop-soul tune from AP Production.  Check out “One Last Love” for yourself below!

Pretty cool right?  Solid band in effect on this tune…credit where credit is due, AP Production has found a perfect mix of players to bring this one to life.  Drums are crisp & snap to the beat, guitars have that light-funk magic, accenting the rhythm from the outstanding bass-lines that are ripping through the up-tempo & uplifting vibe of “One Last Love.”  Definitely appealing to a large range of listeners from those out there that love vibrant R&B all the way to those out there that can listen to a track and dissect it in their minds to appreciate the separate instrumentation and how it all comes together in collaboration.  It sounds like AP Production has found an ace-team of studio musicians in the end result of how “One Last Love” comes out…I definitely know a ton of people that seek out this kind of clarity in the production and the reliable, precise & professional touch that seasoned veterans of the music-scene tend to bring to the table.  The vocals from Bianca Love are fantastic, sweet & melodic…they take the attitude presented in the lyrics and raise it up through her performance; there’s a ton of draw towards the tone in her vocals…a great mix of innocence & confidence combined for an overall stunning sound that really fits.

Maybe this one will be a hit for you too…make sure to check out “One Last Love” because this might just be the summer jam you’ve been waiting for on your playlists if you’ve been awaiting something truly danceable.  The very best thing about AP Production…and perhaps its biggest advantage when it comes to what the music will be like coming out from this project, is that if for some reason their latest song isn’t what you’re into, there’s something else in a whole different style likely coming out just around the corner from this multi-dimensional, shape-shifting project.  There will always be a reason to return to AP Production to find out what’s coming out next because it always WILL be different than the last time – I think that’s incredibly cool…and a completely admirable pursuit that could really help revitalize the music-scene and inspire it all towards that next-level of creativity & imagination in the spirit of collaboration.

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You’ve read my review – now check out what they have to say in their own words…read the official Press Release from AP Production below!

AP Production is not a band at a conventional point of view. It’s a project. It combines several music styles and it doesn’t want to just being pressed in one niche. AP Production is the essence of the best music styles combined together – whenever it seems to be strange sometimes. It started with a combination of Rap, Reggae and Blues – it goes over House music and perhaps it will even ends with some Heavy Metal tunes. It is a project to bring the whole world of music and listeners together. Sometimes it will work – sometimes it was just a nice try. But under the line, there will be many catchy songs being produced under this exotic band name with several great artists around the world. The band leader is based in Switzerland and has just one vision: To change the way we are listening to music styles. There are so many great artists around the world – let’s squeeze out the best of everything, concentrate this essence and create something new out of it. Whenever it’s just something tiny…

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