Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright” (Better Days Mix)

 Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright” (Better Days Mix)

Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright” (Better Days Mix) – Single Review

Well here’s an interesting tune to review!  Technically, you already know many of my thoughts about Aneessa’s “Gonna Be Alright” – at least in its original form, from back in May of this same very year in a previous review.  Clearly gaining some traction with her single and some well-deserved attention for her efforts – she’s teamed up with a spectacular duo of talents in behind the studio boards to bring their expertise to the mix & production.  No joke – the results in terms of what their professionalism adds to the sound, makes the difference in many ways & gives you listeners out there a new avenue into Aneessa’s shiny new single by enhancing the original Soul & R&B highlights in the whole vibe to stunning rhythmic perfection.

We’re talkin’ about the enlistment of A-list talent that knows what’s up when it comes to this specific sound.  You’ve got the wisdom of former Motown producer Michael B. Sutton at the helm, who co-wrote “Gonna Be Alright,” and you’ve got the straight-up magic of the mix applied via the talents of Jason Anderson, who has a list of credits of artists & bands he’s worked with that’s so long it’d keep us here all day just to read’em all…but we’re talkin’ about legendary names like Keith Sweat, En Vogue, Boys II Men, Faith Evans – and Johnny Gill!

Man.  I’m old enough to remember what I think was actually his television debut back in the day on…the original Arsenio Hall show if my memory serves me correctly, performing…hmm…I wanna say “Rub You The Right Way” – what an incredible singer, performer, songwriter, artist…I still love Johnny Gill to this very day…and while I might be off on a tangent here just a little bit, the ultimate point is – it’s great that Aneessa is able to work with such amazing talent.  It’s all kinds of confirmation, that’s the real truth of the matter – yes it’s true that there are more professionals out there technically within reach of independent artists worldwide than there ever has been before – but make no mistake, for that collaboration to work, or any for that matter, all parties involved gotta genuinely be interested in the task at hand.  To me, that’s what the Better Days Mix of “Gonna Be Alright” truly sounded like to me – the work of focused, interested, and entirely engaged professionals in their element – and the smooth soulful clarity that shines through the insatiable rhythm & groove of Aneessa’s sweet single gives it a sleek tune-up that’s bound to have an even broader appeal overall.  Ultimately, that’s nothing but a great thing – it gives the song more opportunities to be heard.

While I suppose it’s a bit fair to say that you do trade a bit of the original playfulness that came along with “Gonna Be Alright” and paired so well with Aneessa rollerskatin’ around through the official video supporting her single, for a noticeably more professional vibe through the slick production and steady mix the Better Days update has here – all-in-all, I’d assume that’s gonna work well in her favor.  Like I said, I think there’s probably just that many more opportunities for “Gonna Be Alright” (Better Days Mix) to find a home out there on the airwaves with the way it’s tightened up & honed in on what works 100% – from the vocals to the music, you’ll find nothing but smart choices that have resulted in a sensationally smooth vibe that slides right through your speakers.  What I also really dig & appreciate is just how well these professionals in Sutton & Anderson have worked with Aneessa too – they didn’t set out to recreate her original, just enhance the vibe in a jazzy, soulful, and classic R&B direction that highlights the very best of what was working in “Gonna Be Alright,” and delivers it with an even higher degree of accessibility for the people listening out there.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with an approach like that y’all – you might even call that a winning strategy, especially if you’re considering what you hear in the end results of the “Gonna Be Alright” (Better Days Mix).  It radiates professionalism, it keeps the spotlight focused right on the main star of the show as it should, and it’s arguably even more addictive than it was in its original form when it comes to how the hooks stand out now…there’s no denying the sound of a successful collaboration when you hear one, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the mix here.  Confidence & trust are exchanged both ways…artists like Aneessa that are still at the start of their careers overall, put a ton of faith in the people they work with, and really do trust them to bring their A-game to the material like it was their very own.  Perhaps the best thing that can be said about the way this Better Days Mix turned out is by pointing directly to that – it sounds like everyone genuinely cared about getting the very best they could out of this song’s potential, unified & bonded by the same goals.

So heck yeah – if I was Aneessa, I’d be stoked about this!  Like I was tellin’ ya – I’m sure Sutton & Anderson have busy schedules and a lot on the go – there’s real confirmation of her talent in the fact that they’ve chosen to spend their time supporting her music on this remix – and it should definitely be enough to vouch for her career on the rise.  I mean…Aneessa – m’lady – you’ve got the INDUSTRY folks out there noticing you now and paying attention already!  It’s certainly a real breakthrough year you’re having for your music & career all-around – it’s inspiring to see & hear ya thriving – well done my friend.

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