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Alyssa Proffitt – Music Review

Okay, okay, okay…this review is going to be a little, perhaps a lot different than much of anything I’ve said in the past…and absolutely different than anything I’ve said so far today.  And that’s going to work out for young Alyssa Proffitt…so far today, up until discussing this young superstar, I really haven’t felt like I’ve done much good or said many positive things this morning.  I saved this specifically for a moment like this…many apologies to Alyssa’s over-enthusiastic parents who have been waiting on this review…I needed to keep this one saved for a moment of healing on a day where all seemed lost.  Through the music of this morning and the reviews I’ve already put out today – it was quite easy to determine that today was the day that would need Alyssa’s uplifting spirit the most – but again, apologies for Mr. & Mrs. Proffitt for taking so very long to comment on their daughter’s abilities.

Weird right?  I honestly don’t know if Alyssa will read or ‘get’ a lot of what I have to say here until she’s much, much older.  Right now – she’s got the entire wonder-of-the-world in her eyes…still young & innocent and performing without any regard for what people may/may-not say – she just simply loves to entertain.  And that’s an extremely charming and beautiful thing.

So…a little bit of this is directed to the Proffitt parents…who simply want to know if they’re seeing/hearing something that’s not there – or if their daughter Alyssa could indeed be full of the star quality that they’ve believed they’ve already seen growing quickly in their child.  The rest…well…the rest I’m going to speak directly to Alyssa like they don’t even exist…because I think there’s some stuff she’ll want to know directly from an outside source…and whether that information makes sense to her now, or later in life…I think there are some things she’ll want to consider…

The very first thing I’ll say (in my third paragraph I know – whatever – I don’t ALWAYS make sense okay?) is that I thought the very idea of doing this review was fantastic.  Alyssa herself has no idea that this is happening, not as of yet anyhow – and as far as the parents are concerned, how AWESOME is it that they’re so curious about the abilities of their youngster that they’ve earnestly sought out humble-advice on whether or not they’re simply looking at Alyssa with their always adoring, parental eyesight – or if the talent that she has is actually real.  I mean…c’mon people – that’s a BEAUTIFUL thing isn’t it?

It was in the humble-nature of the asking of Mr. Proffitt to take this review on, that I already knew I’d be in for something special.  I have for the record, encountered both scenarios before in life.  I’ve dealt with parents that truly believe in their kid’s talent even when it’s non-existent, often encouraging or even pushing for skills and abilities to grow where they cannot.  And I’ve dealt with a few people like Mr. Proffitt…whom you can instantly tell are almost hanging onto a secret that no one else knows about, is genuinely excited and genuinely curious as to what others might think about what he’s probably already sure of himself when he looks deep inside.  There are no secrets here on our pages Proffitt-family.  You ready for this?  Here we go!

To Alyssa’s parents and family, I would absolutely say…that they’re following their own key-instincts and that they’re already spot-on with their enthusiasm.  It’s valid – Alyssa is an exceptional entertainer, even at her young age and you can clearly spot that there is much more potential to come further down the road.  At the moment…from the two private home-videos that I’ve been able to view and listen to – I can certainly see & hear where they’re coming from and how they’ve arrived at their conclusion.  Quite honestly – Alyssa is already at the caliber of performance, skill and entertainment that they should already be wondering about how to get her in as an official Disney Princess.  Not even kidding remotely – your child is a sparkling gem of talent and ability – and you can actually SEE it in her visibly…the intangible, indescribable qualities that could easily make her a star.  You can tell by her movements, instincts, inflections and body language that she’s completely ready to go – Alyssa is quite obviously, to me, a born entertainer.

Now…to Alyssa directly here…although I’m not sure if this would end up being an older-version of herself reading or the young one…but whatever age this review finds you at Alyssa – I truly hope you’ve made the most out of your talent and that you’re already on a path to success.  There are going to be people that are going to be jealous of your natural star-quality, bright shiny eyes and gigantic heart…and there are going to be people that tell you the words ‘no,’ ‘can’t,’ ‘stop,’ ‘shouldn’t’ and various other words that hopefully by now, you’ve realized do not apply to you.  I hope you’ve seen nothing but green-lights of approval as you grow up with your talents and show them to us all throughout the globe.

What I know of this world…is that this may not be the case.  You’ll go through heartbreak, pain, confusion and anguish like any of us as you grow up – and all of this is OKAY.  All of these emotions, these feelings…they’ll hurt at the time, but they WILL make you even stronger, better, faster…whatever it is you’re after – these experiences though often painful will help shape you into a world-star.  Believe it.  The one word that I hope I never see associated with you Alyssa…is conformity…and let me explain why…

Now…I’m not quite sure how to convince someone of this without having met them…or by speaking to you now when much of what I’ll say here will apply to your future – but take these words to heart Alyssa.  I see, listen to, judge and decipher what is/isn’t good all day, every day.  When I tell you that what you have inside is rare beyond belief…hopefully that will mean something…because it truly is a once in a lifetime kind of talent and confidence that I can see you have.  It might only be by comparison to hundreds and hundreds of others that I can see this and KNOW beyond all-doubt that I’m seeing what I’m seeing or hearing what I’m hearing…but I’ve definitely learned not to question what I know to be true.  You my dear…are absolutely made of all the star-quality and talent that it takes to truly tackle ALL areas of life with the confidence in that what YOU are doing is setting the standard for others to rise up to – and not the other way around, ever.  People are going to try to change you, to mold & morph you into all kinds of things…and don’t LET them do it.  Follow your instincts and trust your heart kiddo – and you’ll be just fine, I promise ya.

Right now…I’m not quite sure how old you are…I believe it was eight years old if I remember your dad telling me so correctly.  Eight is a very misunderstood and very mature age.  At eight years old – I knew EXACTLY what you already know yourself now; you know that you’re different, you know that you’re special…you know that you’ve got something that other people don’t have – and in time, you’ll know exactly how to fit all these pieces together to make your own life a lot less of a puzzle.  Right now, stimulation of the senses is coming at you from every possible angle…they all want your attention and you want to give them everything you’ve got.  Just don’t give ‘yourself’ away my dear…that’s what I’m saying.  Don’t let anyone – not even those wonderful parents or best of friends you meet along the way, ever convince you that you can’t do all the incredible things that deep down inside, you already know you’re capable of.  At eight years old…somewhere inside you Alyssa…something incredible is already happening and those thoughts that you’re thinking now will dictate a lot of what you do in your future.  Believe that everything is possible – and that YOU can be the reason, the person responsible for making your dreams come true…because with your incredible talent, you truly can be.  You can make this life exactly what you want it to be…and you’ll move like a musical-ninja…people might not see you coming but they’ll certainly know you’re there when they see you…and they’ll remember.

In fact – I can guarantee it.  So let’s do this…let’s make an agreement, you and I, right here, right now – and I’ll prove this to you in the future right here from the past…

…just reach out.

Reach out to me Alyssa, however old you are at the point that you’ve established yourself and feel comfortable in your skills, life and skin…and just reach out.  Find me however you can – you don’t even have to say what, why or give any reason at all – you just have to mention the name Alyssa Proffitt, that’s it, that’s all.

What does that accomplish?  Good question…but better answer…

What I’m saying Alyssa…is that I, Jeremy Gladstone, a stranger of whom you or your parents have never met…will never forget seeing YOU or your talent for the very first time.  I am incredibly humbled and awed by the opportunity to witness how wonderful you are, long before the day where it all really snaps together and you become the star that we’re all sure you can be.  So you reach out Alyssa – and I guarantee you’ll find me remembering this very day, instantly – because I know that I’ll never forget it.  When we see or witness things in life that are truly beyond special…you’ll never forget’em…and that’s exactly what I’ve seen today, in you.

So…just know that I’m waiting for that phone call…that newspaper clipping…that postcard or that TV show/music-video or carrier pigeon to confirm that you did in fact, make it after all.  I know that you will…and whether or not I’m old & grey by the time it happens or not – I have zero doubt that you’ll get to where you want to go and be massively successful in life.  I know that you have all the love and support you need and could ever hope to have in your corner, all rooting for you to be the amazing person that we all can see you’ll become…and my advice is to charge at it ALL with EVERYTHING you’ve got – because this life can be an incredibly amazing ride for sure, but you’re capable of designing the actual mode of transportation.  You can go anywhere you want to go with natural talent like this my friend…and no matter where you are, no matter how old you are now…I truly hope you’ve never stopped believing in yourself and that these words somehow reinforced what I KNOW you already know, deep down inside.

You’re extremely special Alyssa…don’t ever let yourself trick you into believing otherwise.

Mainly because although I’m sure your parents are happy to hear what I’ve had to say today and confirm that they’re not crazy at all for seeing how talented and wonderful you are…but mostly because I think they’d really think it was creepy if I had to show up to your front door and talk sense into you if you ever began to doubt yourself.  So don’t – because you shouldn’t!  Talent and confidence like yours comes along extremely rarely in a lifetime – and like I’ve said, I’ll remember you years and years and years from now Alyssa…that’s how special your talent truly is and how memorable this moment has been for me.

It has been a complete privilege to learn about you, hear you sing, watch you entertain through video…and an honor to have talked with your parents, who clearly care about you deeply and love you extremely.  Again…not trying to be creepy about it – but I guarantee you I’ll be keeping an eye out for you Alyssa Proffitt…I fully believe that it’s people like you that have the real magic inside them that make our very world turn…and I feel a lot better about the future just knowing you’ll get to where you belong & want to be.  Be a leader Alyssa…shine as brightly as we all know that you can and never let that sparkle in your eyes go out – the world needs you.


  • Jer @ SBS

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