Alex Engstrom – “Paraletic Nights”

 Alex Engstrom – “Paraletic Nights”

Alex Engstrom – “Paraletic Nights” – Single Review

Brilliant – I mean that in every sense of the word. Sparklingly-perfect electro combination coming out in this new single from Alex Engstrom; addicting in every sound he’s chosen to include. Love the vocalist he’s found in Sofie Eng…wonderful sound there in her voice and she fits into this track extremely well. Production reigns supreme in this new single from Alex Engstrom, “Paraletic Nights.”

Proving to be a master at the great-reveal, Engstrom has this track laid out to perfection in assembly. It has an excellent melodic vibe, builds upon itself in all the right ways, breaks itself down perfectly in others; you can’t possibly ask for more out of your production than he’s pulling off here on this new single.

Sofie Eng…what can I say? I love the voice. It’s SO familiar in tone that I’m going to kick myself in a couple days for not being able to place who she reminds me of. It’s a supressed and subdued tone…is it Ellie Goulding? It might be. Regardless…it’s Sofie that works her magic here on “Paraletic Nights” so well in the verse, delivering an emotional hook through the words before the music takes flight. Her accent breaks through just slightly every once in a while…and every time I notice it I think I love her voice 10% more than the moment before – excellent job.

That first switch near the one-minute mark is really what hooked me in and sold me though. Here Engstrom cuts through the dark and breaks into the light with some absolutely spot-on superb electro. Excellent tones, excellent sound, energetic when it needs to be, emotionally powerful during the rest; Engstrom has demonstrated a real depth and pulse in his sound here and created something truly fantastic. “Paraletic Nights” has an incredible vibe; not only is it a track that is guaranteed to make you move – it pretty much contains every sound I’d wanna hear or reach for in electro-music all in one go.

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