Aleister & Lil Grande

 Aleister & Lil Grande

Official Press Release

Aleister & Lil Grande Team Up To Blow Your Mind On A New Collaboration – “Woah” Is Out Now!

From the moment that artists Aleister & Lil Grande decided to collaborate in 2021, it was only a mere matter of time before they put together the anthem that people would wanna bump hard for the entire year.  Flexing finesse in a collaboration in full effect, they worked united around the clock in a supreme effort to create something explosive, something unheard before, something to make y’all say “Woah” – and between the unrivaled talents they share together, they accomplished exactly that with their brand-new single.  Out & available online – “Woah” is already generating seriously strong buzz within the underground.

Armed with bulletproof hooks, savagely heated bars, and an undeniably addictive low-end bass-driven beat – Aleister & Lil Grande’s “Woah” delivers from start to finish with ultra-slick production & stylistic skills on the mic that couldn’t possibly be ignored, proving without a doubt, this pair is a sonic force to be severely reckoned with.  From insightful, no-holds-barred lyricism, to the massive bounce in the beat that confirms this collaboration has the true juice to squeeze your speakers from the lefts to the rights – don’t get caught sleepin’ on these two superstars – Aleister & Lil Grande are 100% set to take over 2021.

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