Alan Walker – “Faded (Darmon & Eran Hersh Remix)”

 Alan Walker – “Faded (Darmon & Eran Hersh Remix)”

Alan Walker – “Faded (Darmon & Eran Hersh Remix)” – Single Review

I’ve gotta admit…with my head being so stuck in the independent music-scene, I’ve occasionally missed a few of the bigger hits in the mainstream.  One of the best things about discovering remix-artists is that quite often you can get a 2-for-1 deal going on; I didn’t know Alan Walker’s massive-hit “Faded” from 2015…but I figured I’d give it a listen if I was going to properly judge this new remix from the duo of Darmon & Eran Hersh.  As it turns out…it’s a pretty damn good song to begin with…and once I’d heard the original I was really able to appreciate just how different the assembly and structure of this new remix was.  Darmon & Eran Hersh have put the proper amount of work into their spin on “Faded” and after stepping away from the scene for four-years or so…they definitely sound ecstatic to be back doing what they do best.

With the vocals pitch-shifted around and the atmosphere spread-out, the remix starts at a similar pace but quickly develops into a house-rhythm style beat that continues to fuel the new version from there on in with the exception of a decent-sized breakdown halfway through.  For the most part, the energy is brought to this new version by Darmon & Eran Hersh in ways that it didn’t exist before in the original version.  Walker’s version moves fairly slowly…this remix tends to make its moves more quickly and with resounding confidence.  These two definitely know their way around the studio-boards and DJ-decks…and I think from what I can hear, I can’t imagine anyone out there disputing the amount of extra-work they’ve put into making “Faded” really move in a whole different set of directions.

As both versions in this case are actually new to me…I found they both were strong songs in their own respect and style.  I can appreciate the chilled-out approach to “Faded” that the original had…but I also think that this remix from Darmon & Eran Hersh has a ton of merit for the fantastic energy it brings to the table as well.  I suppose in a sense, it would depend on the mood I was in as to which version I’d want to listen to on any given day…but I can also see a mix like this one from the duo being the kind of inspiring summer-sounds that a person can really use to remove the dark-clouds forming above our heads sometimes and keep that sun on shining.  Definitely danceable in this new-form…and I think that overall, Darmon & Eran Hersh made a solid choice in the song they’ve chosen to remix here.  There’s nothing plain about the work and dynamics they’ve put into this song…they chose wisely and selected a track that they could really add their own style and touch to.

Because what a lot of people out there don’t realize when it comes to making music like this…is that song-choice can be one hell of an important factor.  You want those starting-blocks to be able to re-establish themselves in an entirely new light and become something completely new…but at the same time, if you have nowhere to go with them, or nothing new to bring to the overall idea, you’d just be wasting everyone’s time and effort.  By choosing smart…by having an ear for music that can tell you that what you’re listening to would be great to work with AND you can bring something to it…you give yourself a genuine shot at making something like Darmon & Eran Hersh have through this remix…a song that shows the work, pays enough respect to the original and also lets us really hear the personality and attitude in the remix.  I think they’ve done a solid & skillful job on this version of theirs…”Faded” takes on a solid second-life here with renewed energy through the Darmon & Eran Hersh remix.

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