Ajuniior, Jay Rover, AG Wraps – “Pain”

 Ajuniior, Jay Rover, AG Wraps – “Pain”

Hope you’re all awake out there…cause you can’t get caught sleepin’ on THIS!

Nothing better than a collaborative crew in full-effect, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here in this single & video combo for “Pain” by Ajuniior, Jay Rover, and AG Wraps from sight to sound.  Pro-shot by Ivan Shoots, everything looks as stellar as it sounds, with scenes edited to flow perfectly fluidly with the music, and brilliantly colorized with a golden hue to make the visuals every bit as scorching hot as the audio that comes boomin’ outta your speakers.  With each emcee confidently holding their own on sets of BIG bars as they trade the mic between the hooks on their verses – Ajuniior, Jay, & AG bring their own wild personality into the mix in an effort that stacks up to a serious W in the end results of what we see & what we hear.  They’re packin’ major verbal heat on the m-i-c, and reveal a true balance of strengths.

From the slick & stylistic hooks that flex finesse as “Pain” begins, you get that instant hit of smoothness in sound that tells ya you’re in-store for a single that’s got the juice to get your attention immediately, and keep it.  They knock this out in order, with Ajuniior up first crushin’ it, then Jay slidin’ into one of several incredible cars you’ll see in the video to drop his own bars up on ya, with AG bringin’ it home at the end for the finale – they display zero weak points and nothing but bulletproof rhymes & addictive hooks.  You literally can’t ask for more than what they’re givin’ ya here – they’ve got rhythm, precision, and their own identifiable styles…they’ve got real attitude & charisma in the way they spit – it all adds up to a supreme dose of entertainment that genuinely sounds like it’s been created on a unified front.

Holding nothing back, they let the “Pain” out for all to hear on this rhythmically sleek single they’ve got here – and they’re racking up hits & views worldwide on the strengths of a flawless collaboration that authentically connects.  They set a massively high standard straight off the drop, but most importantly they maintain it through the balance of their skills & personalities, and never let the quality of any part or portion of this cut fall off; they’re focused, hungry for the mic, and clearly born to entertain.  So let’em do it y’all!  Bring on the “Pain” this morning and check out what these three emcees bring to the game by clickin’ on that video below – you’ll be fully stoked on what you find.

Not only will we be spinning “Pain” on the next episode of the SBS Podcast coming up this weekend along with more of my thoughts on the music & video – but we’ll also be playing an additional single from Jay Rover in the mix as well – that’s TWO reasons to tune-in already, and you KNOW we’ll have a bunch more on the show to go with’em.  In the meantime, until that magical moment comes around, find out more about what’s up & what’s good from Jay Rover’s music & pages at the official links below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/roverjayy

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RoverJayy

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/us/artist/jay-rover/1494066513

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3LrcQq3a1DD5RBtMfBwr8b

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/roverjayy

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