Aaron Beri – “Connected”

 Aaron Beri – “Connected”

Aaron Beri – “Connected” – Single Review

Singer/songwriter Aaron Beri has been a busy man as of late.  Born and raised in England…he’s currently based in Australia…discovered his passion for songwriting on a ‘rooftop in Manhattan,’ and is soon heading to Europe to take the new nine songs from his debut album Avalanche to the live-stages of Europe.  Clearly the last while has been full of creativity, full of music and I’d assume, full of fun; there’s nothing quite like the discovery of one’s own place in the world…even if that place becomes the entire planet as a whole.  Combine that feeling with the excitement that comes from the official release of a new album & his brand-new single called “Connected” leading the way to support it…and you can probably safely bet that right now it’s a very good time to be Aaron Beri.

Like many debuts out there…you can hear the skills & talents of this R&B/Soul singer on “Connected” and the hints of potential for even more down the road.  Beri takes on a smooth sound & approach to his new single in an endearing performance that has a lot of chilled-out charm and smart production; “Connected,” like many of the tunes on his debut record deals with the relationships, love & the experiences we share between us, written from a personal point of view.  When you read the synopsis for Avalanche, it goes on to mention that much of the album is about the ‘cold and destructive side of love’ – I’ve only got my hands on this one single…and right now, I’d have a hard time backing that statement up entirely.  In the interest of putting his best foot forward and starting his career out on a more positive note…you can hear the struggle and complexities of his internal examination & feelings on relationships…but more importantly – you can hear an insightful amount of hope in the lyrics being delivered from an inspired artist who sounds determined to not give up on love.

Already showcasing excellent instincts in his songwriting, “Connected” is written solely by Beri, just like the other eight tunes on Avalanche.  I don’t blame the man for not outsourcing in that department – there’s no need for him to.  He’s got what it takes when it comes to using the pen as his sword and he proves that through the cohesive ideas and storyline that span the length of his new single.  Smartly contrasting melancholy, hope, love and emotion…he’s laid out “Connected” in a way that unfolds and expands beautifully.  Within the verses you get the details of what has made love & relationships more difficult for Beri, but also worth pursuing in the face of adversity; through the chorus you get the brightened tones of hope and an empowering & uplifting sound that will leave you feeling optimistic.  I think they both have pretty strong attributes and elements working for him…I felt like the verse came out strong and the chorus hooks come out even stronger.  The bridge reveals a slight amount of brief confusion or apprehension in his approach on how to sing that part specifically…but even in that moment, Beri still retains a highly listenable & likeable sound that’s still in tune.  It’s the kind of moment that allows a small glimpse into the window for where he’ll be able to improve even further in the future without putting you off in the present.  For the greater-part of “Connected,” Beri sings with a smooth confidence, even in the song’s most fragile & emotional moments and gets the best out of his vocals.

Aaron’s new single has an impressive mix of sweetness & sincerity surrounded by music that shifts fluidly between parts & transitions, expanding into a real magic that you can hear.  There’s genuine passion in Beri’s voice – and between that & the way he’s written this tune, he’s given you multiple reasons to believe he’s right where he belongs with the way he sings “Connected.”  Solid debut cut.

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