84Brozay – “In Love”

 84Brozay – “In Love”

Trap done RIGHT y’all – this jam hits the mark.  84Brozay gets it.  This is the rhythm & flow you WANT to hear as a listener right here is what this is – 84Brozay will silence a few haters of Trap pretty damn quickly with the skilled performance he puts into the m-i-c on his new single “In Love.”  It all comes together just like it should here…solidly produced by ThankYaZay, expertly shot & edited video by 2woTimes Films, and of course, a killer performance from 84Brozay that fully proves speed & clarity can be just as much of an essential part of the Trap game as the rhythm & pace if ya want it to be homies – and this man clearly does.  “In Love” is a tight cut all around from performance to production, and with a video showing all the style & swagger you’d assume he’d have from hearing him twist words on the mic – you can tell this emcee really loves what he’s doin’ and is ready to set it off at any time when it comes to rhymes & good times.  Hit up 84Brozay’s latest single/video for “In Love” below!

Listen to music from 84Brozay at his official page at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4lGFxjnxV17eRX1hJJDR3w

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