222 – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…”

 222 – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…”

222 – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” – Music Video Release/Review

MASSIVE thumbs-up of approval for this single, video, and band – 222 is CRUSHIN’ it on “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” the title cut from their new album I’m Not Trying To Be You…Just Kidding I’m Trying To Be You.  As always…we’re here on the pages to make sure you’re not all sleepin’ on this duo busting out of L.A. & let you in on a few more details & thoughts about what you’ll find in 222 & their new single/video after spinning them on our show, good ol’ SBS Live This Week, as our bonus cut on our latest episode.  So if you saw it there – fantastic!  You’re ahead of the game and clearly as savvy as a listener can be.  If you haven’t though – we should make sure we’ve got everyone on the same page here…check this out!

Now…I don’t want to nerd right out on you, but sometimes, it’s the tiniest details that bring a smile to my face.  I mean, I was ALREADY in smile-mode big-time because I freakin’ LOVE this song and the flashy style of 222…but there was something I noticed in the credits that I felt really spoke to the unity between the duo of Jade Howard (Vocals/Guitar) and Dennis Hamlin (Drums/Guitar/Keys/Vocals) – and that was actually who technically released their new record.  I’m Not Trying To Be You…Just Kidding I’m Trying To Be You, was put out this year by Howlin Hamard Records.  I mean, that name just sounds cool right?  Now take a second & take another look at that name.  Take another second and look at the names of the two players involved.  And now recognize & appreciate the genius of this moniker dammit!  Not only does it become a completely rad name by the default rearrangement of their last-names – in my opinion, it also speaks to the sense of unity between them & respect for each other as artists that you’ll find existing& thriving in 222’s overall sound.  Anyhow…I probably get too excited over details like this – but I promised the people on our show you’d find some NEW thoughts here too, so there ya go.  Bottom line is, to me, there’s a real togetherness & tightness that is present at all times in the aura of Dennis & Jade’s band here…and I always dig it when you can see/hear a true balance of power, skills, and strengths on display like this.  They’ve got something special started…they don’t need me to tell them that…that’s confirmed by how gripping the music sounds and the remarkable performances they’ve put in…pretty damn clear that 222 is at the top of their game right now with their new record.

The video confirms the effort they’re putting in to every angle of their career just as much as the stunning detail & mix of their new single does.  They’ve gone cinematic for ya with the visuals on “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” and keep the entertainment flowing from the screen to perfectly complement what’s flowing through your speakers – 222 looks & sounds spectacular in their new video, full-stop.  From the editing & effects to the colorization, storyline, and main stars of the show onscreen, it’s more than apparent that this band has got their head & heart in this, ready to bring the party straight to ya.  Together they kind of have that electrifying, kinetic energy & creative spark you’d find in a band like The Ting Tings…perhaps more of a stylistic, edgy, & flashy vibe in 222 overall, but similarities there for sure.  In any event, no matter who you might feel they compare to or sound like, 222 puts a vibrant enough twist & identifiable stamp on this stylized cut to memorably set them apart from the rest out there.

AND…I mean, just like a great single should – this immediately makes me want to hear more from them.  Like, even if I was completely pressed to answer, I doubt I could choose between the killer tone of the guitars, the perfection of the beat, the wildness of the keyboards, or the incredible vocals from Jade on the mic…these hooks WILL sink right into you, and they’re gonna come at ya from EVERY audible angle.  They’ve got more than a great song here – this is what a real single is all about – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” will slay your speakers with relentlessly catchy sound and have you turning this up all year long.

Find out more about 222 from their official homepage at:  http://www.222band.com

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