Year: <span>2023</span>

Carl Anderson – Chronophobia

Carl Anderson – Chronophobia – Album Review How this dude isn’t among the most well-known musicians out there in the independent scene today, I will never know…it’s honestly a freakin’ crime.  After the random experience I had in posting up one of his songs called “Machina” to the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles at […]Read More

Dadanaut – Zeitnarren

Dadanaut – Zeitnarren – Album Review I tell ya…we get all kinds of crazy requests over here on this side of the screen.  A second review of Dadanaut’s Zeitnarren after a whole bunch of changes have been made to it, based on my recommendations in the previous review I wrote back in January this year?  […]Read More

Flange Circus – Katabasis

Flange Circus – Katabasis – Album Review ‘Hauntronica’ they say…  Fair enough I say…  I mean…I get where they’re coming from based on what this all sounds like, even if the idea of another sub-genre sure makes a bullet seem mighty tasty to me… Anyhow.  Yes!  I enjoy the strangest side of what music has […]Read More

Paul Denis – “Louis”

Paul Denis – “Louis” – Single Review If you’ve ever read any my past reviews or thoughts on the music of Canadian artist Paul Denis, then you already know he’s a man that puts an incredibly impressive amount of thought into the music he makes.  From his record called A Passing Storm back in 2018, […]Read More

Mike Di Lorenzo – “Holding All My Love” Feat. Anna

Mike Di Lorenzo – “Holding All My Love” Feat. Anna Moore – Single Review Ohhhhh I tell ya folks…even after all these reviews I’ve written over this past decade, you’d still be surprised by how much knowledge I draw from when it comes to the catalog of tunes in my head.  All gained from a […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Round Points

Blunt Objects – Round Points – Album Review I’m starting to think Bill’s found an impressive way of getting twice the value out of each tune he creates by having one version appear in what he does with DID NOT!, and another show up on the Blunt Objects albums.  It might not be a bad […]Read More

DID NOT! – Again?

DID NOT! – Again? – Album Review All this extra punctuation…confusing the heck outta my spell-check machine here… It was actually one month ago to the day that I first learned about Bill Owens and the music he was making in DID NOT! – or at least a month ago to the day that I […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Sharper Than Some

Blunt Objects – Sharper Than Some – Album Review Ayyyy there we go!  I’ve been consistently saying that Bill Owens has been choosing some strange tunes to start his records with in his band Blunt Objects, but “Let’s Have Fun!” at the beginning of Sharper Than Some is a track I don’t think many people […]Read More

Sollars – “Exhausted” / “Dragon”

Sollars – “Exhausted” / “Dragon” – Singles Review I really dig what I’m hearing from Sollars so far.  I don’t have a whole lot of information beyond a link & some artwork & what I can see at Spotify, so we’ll crack right into it and skip over my usual intro and blah blah blah […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Safe At Home?

Blunt Objects – Safe At Home? – Album Review We’ll be wading in the era of pandemic tunes for many years to come y’all, I assure ya.  Whether they directly reflect on the situation or document the history of who we were & what was happening at the time, or whether it’s a matter of […]Read More