Year: <span>2023</span>

The Drood – “It Must Needs Wither” (Dead Voices On

The Drood – “It Must Needs Wither” (Dead Voices On Air ReMix) – Singles Review Hopefully you’ve been doin’ the right thing for your ears and been listening to the Denver-based oddity known as The Drood by now, because you should be…you should always support true uniqueness in creativity, wherever you may find it.  From […]Read More


LAZORE – LAZORE – EP Review When you drop that debut y’all, you put it out there in BIG BOLD LETTERS so the people know! I’ve been hangin’ onto this record for a while now so that I’ve been able to listen to it for just a while longer than I get a chance to […]Read More

You’re Mom – “*star damage*”

You’re Mom – “*star damage*” – Single Review These guys.  These freakin’ guys know exactly what they’re doing. Let’s try to move past the fact that they’re LITERALLY trying to kill guys like me with their choice of band name, which is not at all grammatically incorrect, even though it definitely feels like it is […]Read More

Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light”

Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light” – Single Review There comes a point where you feel like you practically know someone by the sound of their music if you’ve been listening for a significant length of time.  I’ve technically been listening to Kevin Gullickson’s music in Radio Drive for nearly a decade at this […]Read More

Zachary Campos – “Pain”

Zachary Campos – “Pain” – Single Review Alright…I’m gonna be real with ya…Zachary Campos might just rule the world one day. I don’t know that any of us know exactly what we’re dealing with…yet – and that might even include Zachary himself.  From what I can tell, this dude’s been rampaging the scene with like…way […]Read More

TheGAMRKage – “I Am A Dragon”

TheGAMRKage – “I Am A Dragon” – Single Review “Fuck that I’m proud of myself.”  #Heard One of the realest conversations I heard this year was about how we need to be our own inspiration.  You look at that quote up top, and it’s clear that TheGAMRKage would get what that’s all about.  We could […]Read More

MC Shep – “Still Crushin’” Feat. Lynnette

MC Shep – “Still Crushin’” Feat. Lynnette – Music Video Post “Still Crushin’” indeed!  MC Shep and Lynnette deserve to dominate your playlist with this one for real. Slick and stylistic vibes, with personality that can be heard in every move they make from the music to the microphone, this is collaboration creates straight fire […]Read More

Jacob Brand – “Game Changer”

Jacob Brand – “Game Changer” – Single Review Jacob’s a good guy…let’s get that information to ya up front.  The whole scene of artists & creative-types is so filled with emotions that’s it’s always a fine line to walk in being a critic…it’s never my goal to discourage anyone from doing whatever they love – […]Read More

Matthew Weaver – “Crimson Sheet”

Matthew Weaver – “Crimson Sheet” – Single Review If there’s been one thing that’s become easy for me to recognize over the past two decades of writing about music, it’s when I run into an artist or band that has an intense level of knowledge about the art that far exceeds my own.  Matthew Weaver […]Read More

Moyzesh – Face The Sun

Moyzesh – Face The Sun – EP Review Lemme tell ya folks…if you ever see Thundercat listed in an artist or band’s influences, trust me…you’re probably in for one heck of a cosmic trip.  As “Can’t Compete” started up this shiny debut EP, there was little to no doubt about hearing the influence of one […]Read More