Year: <span>2023</span>

Dylan Tauber – I Am Alive

Dylan Tauber – I Am Alive – Album Review Well this dude has certainly been in the zone over the past couple years.  It’s fair to say that Dylan Tauber has always been fairly active throughout his career.  You can see music online that dates back to 1999 before the turn of the millennium, and […]Read More

Johnny Hoffman & The Residents – Heart Of Stone, Smoking

Johnny Hoffman & The Residents – Heart Of Stone, Smoking Gun – Album Review EIGHT YEARS!  That’s how long it has been since the last time we interacted with Johnny Hoffman & The Residents, can you believe it?  You’d have thought at least one of the two of us would have collapsed by now, yet […]Read More

Avenue Army – “Favorite Enemy”

Avenue Army – “Favorite Enemy” – Single Review Ayyyyy…this sounds pretty much exactly like you’d expect a band named Avenue Army to be like! Ain’t nothing wrong with living up to expectations y’all.  This band based out of San Diego has been out there tourin’ around supporting the likes of Alien Ant Farm and The […]Read More

D.A BIZ – “Mood”

D.A BIZ – “Mood” – Music Video Post Slick stuff from D.A BIZ onscreen in this video for “Mood” that has just recently been released.  Built on cross-cultural vibes and a colorfully rhythmic groove, the smooth vocals of D.A BIZ and stylistic way he moves onscreen make for a perfect pairing that’s sure to entertain. […]Read More

Sollars – “Pieces” / “Rap Kicks”

Sollars – “Pieces” / “Rap Kicks” – Singles Review Much like I felt towards the previous two singles I reviewed from Sollars called “Exhausted” & “Dragon,” I continue to dig on what this dude is creating and think he’s really onto something with the music he’s making.  I put on “Pieces” for the first time […]Read More

Sxee Finesse – Save Face

Sxee Finesse – Save Face – EP Review No objections from me homie…Sxee Finesse has got a good thing goin’ on here with his latest EP. I really thought the opening of “Tornado” worked well for a first impression.  It’s not like we can’t visually SEE the explicit tags added to every single song on […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Women” (Instrumental)

Omar Bowing – “Women” (Instrumental) – Single Review It is always amazing to me when I feel like it was just yesterday that I last dealt with an artist like Omar Bowing and realize that it was actually more than three years ago.  Where in the heck does the time go?  On the flipside of […]Read More

Afiya – “To The Top”

Afiya – “To The Top” – Music Video Post Really cool music video here from Afiya, and a genuinely positive tune to go along with it.  If you’re lookin’ for a little inspiration these days, “To The Top” might be just what the doctor ordered.  Designed to be the kind of food for the soul […]Read More

Michael Regina – Beyond The Pale

Michael Regina – Beyond The Pale – Album Review With 3200+ reviews written here on these pages of ours, believe me when I tell ya, you’d have to do a whole lot of reading out there to find an artist that’s been as consistent with their creativity & catalog as Michael Regina has been throughout […]Read More

Christopher Dallman – NO ONE IS ANYONE’S

Christopher Dallman – NO ONE IS ANYONE’S – EP Review Feels like it’s been a while since the last time we heard something new from Christopher Dallman…glad to hear he’s back in action this year.  Sounds like he’s got plenty in-store for ya too – not only has he put out this new EP called […]Read More