Month: <span>December 2022</span>

War Lullaby – We Fall

War Lullaby – We Fall – Album Review Thirteen tracks…not even a total of fourteen minutes in length…to be honest, there’s a very good chance it’ll take you longer to read this review than it would take you to listen to War Lullaby’s We Fall. Ahhh Grindcore.  You gotta love it, right?  Or…I mean…just don’t […]Read More

Third Development – “Auras”

Third Development – “Auras” – Single Review From the “Etherea” genre you say?  Whatever happened to Trip-Hop, and why on Earth wasn’t that name cool enough already Third Development?  Questions for another time I suppose… Anyhow.  If you remember this name from our pages, that makes sense – we featured a review on their single […]Read More