Month: <span>December 2022</span>

Jay Hung – The One

Jay Hung – The One – Album Review Every time the bounce and spark of the way Jay Hung’s new record The One started up again on repeat, I found myself hooked into this record all over again.  It’s the kind of nice problem I always look forward to having, yet so rarely often do.  […]Read More

Relentless Pursuit – Through Confusion

Relentless Pursuit – Through Confusion – Album Review There are some strong positives to build on here for Matthew Konradt, the mind behind the music you’ll hear on the debut album Through Confusion by Relentless Pursuit.  Like the deadly vibe of “On Probation” for example – it’s pretty meaty…the whole atmosphere is gnarly, and it’s […]Read More

Son Of Stone – “28 Winters Left”

Son Of Stone – “28 Winters Left” – Single Review Only “28 Winters Left?”  Are we counting this one, or starting from next year?  #AskingForApproximately8BillionFriends I’m not entirely convinced that Son Of Stone completely knows how time works…if you look on the official YouTube site where this very song is posted, it’ll tell ya that […]Read More

Fender Jones – “How Can I Be Wrong” / “Nothing

Fender Jones – “How Can I Be Wrong” / “Nothing But You And Me” – Singles Review “I fucked up again…” Well now…this is interesting to me…you don’t often hear songs starting out on that kind of note, yet here we are, and that’s indeed the case – that’s the first line I heard on […]Read More


BROCK – “VIEW” – Music Video Post BROCK again?  Before the end of the year?  I mean…who would have thought, right? Alright…chances are that’s about as predictable as the fact there will be more air available for you to breathe tomorrow, but to be fair to BROCK, music IS like breathing to him.  Is he […]Read More

ET Boys – Forever Night

ET Boys – Forever Night – Album Review Some of you have heard me say it, but I’ll say it a bit louder for the people in the back today – “Sober,” the track that starts out Forever Night, the debut record by ET Boys, is absolutely one of the most SINGLE-WORTHY cuts I’ve heard […]Read More

Nixon Ski – “SKRILLA” Feat. Lil Darius

Nixon Ski – “SKRILLA” Feat. Lil Darius – Music Video Post “We’ve gettin’ that paper over here.”  #NoDoubt I mean…I know that Nixon Ski directly tells all of us not to stare on his single “SKRILLA” and all, but…like…c’mon y’all – LOOK AT THAT PICTURE UP TOP, will ya?  We’ve all seen a few stacks […]Read More

Ginga C – Singles

Ginga C – Singles Review “Secure the bag at all costs.”  #Heard  #SolidAdviceHomie Word on the street is that The London To Sheerness Mixtape from Ginga C is officially out there online right now.  In fact, I’ve verified that myself & know it’s true – you can find a link to download it from the […]Read More

Alias Wayne – “Love One Another”

Alias Wayne – “Love One Another” – Single Review “No one puts Baby in the corner.” No one puts Jer @ SBS in one either.  I see you Ranzel X Kendrick…I know what you’re up to over there.  Loading up a song like “Love One Another” with sentiment & sweetness we should all just readily […]Read More


SMAIBLUE Interview SBS:  SMAI!  What’s happening over there my friend?  It’s been what feels like a lifetime since we last talked, which was approximately one large pandemic-era ago.  How have you been dude?  What’s the recovery been like in the UK as we’ve come out of our Covid-induced hibernations…back to normal yet? SMAI:  Hey!  I […]Read More