Month: <span>December 2022</span>

Brooke Surgener – Moon Waves

Brooke Surgener – Moon Waves – Album Review At this point here…right now, at the very moment you’re reading this for the first time, Brooke Surgener thinks that I’ve forgotten all about her.  Shhhhh – don’t spoil the surprise…you might even be reading this review before she is!  Trust me when I tell ya, the […]Read More

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022: #08 – Underlined Passages

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #08 – Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation Two dudes from Baltimore, and one incredible band that is well on their way to the success they truly deserve.  Michael Nestor and Jamaal Turner of Underlined Passages have been making waves with their latest record Neon Inoculation, and justifiably so when […]Read More

KingCyborg – “Been There” / “Love Never Dies”

KingCyborg – “Been There” / “Love Never Dies” – Singles Review If there’s one thing you can be sure of in listening to KingCyborg and digging into the way she’s approaching her music and career, it’s that you can tell she’s a born innovator, willing to put in the work and effort to change the […]Read More

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #09 – Jay Hung

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #09 – Jay Hung – The One With the release of his second record called The One, Jay Hung reinvigorated the Jazz genre with an entire set-list of songs that were nothing but completely innovative, inventive, and fully refreshing.  Not only does the man have an incredible amount of […]Read More

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #10 – Paul de

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #10 – Paul de Leon – Younger Years There was never any doubt that this artist was going to make our yearly top ten one day.  Ever since we heard one of his first singles called “Criminals” years ago, we knew Paul de Leon had the magic that most […]Read More

Winchester 7 & The Runners – Heart Of The Golden

Winchester 7 & The Runners – Heart Of The Golden Mystics – Album Review Well what do we have here…it’s these happy chappies we know & love, Winchester 7 & The Runners, returning to our pages once again!  On the technical front, it’s actually their third appearance this year – you might remember them from […]Read More

Sidney Harwell – Leaving For A While

Sidney Harwell – Leaving For A While – Album Review According to what I can read on his pages online, Sidney Harwell is “from Texas” and likes to “write songs, and record them whenever I can.”  And according to what I can see, that’s like…ALL of the time.  This dude’s got a virtual ton of […]Read More

Mark Dunn – “2 AM”

Mark Dunn – “2 AM” – Single Review Okay…who’s up next here…ahh yes, we’ve got Mark Dunn on our pages once again as he continues to find his way into the scene.  He’s had pretty solid success here so far…he made a great first impression with his debut single “Walk In The Snow,” followed that […]Read More

i.S. the WizARd – Journey Of The Prodigal Son

i.S. the WizARd – Journey Of The Prodigal Son – Album Review Well here we go!  While we’ve featured i.S. the WizARd on our pages a modest handful of times on our pages over the past couple years, we’ve yet to have him in an actual review here at SBS; and as many of y’all […]Read More

Dilated – Finished Demo

Dilated – Finished Demo – Album Review I get the strangest submissions sometimes y’all…I wish I could tell ya what it was like to attempt to assist in keeping the scene organized from this side of the screen and how I just don’t have that bone in me anymore.  At least a solid percentage of […]Read More