Month: <span>August 2021</span>

Khairi Khir – “Evenfall”

Khairi Khir – “Evenfall” – Single Review This dude’s on extremely solid ground. I’ll admit, I braced myself pretty tight within the first spin through this tune as it began…with such epic sound at work, my initial thoughts were that if I was lucky enough, the music would continue to stay in the same vein […]Read More

Johan Davis – “Summer Again”

Good timing Johan, yes sir.   My gut tells me that “Summer Again” is the kind of cut that people around the globe are certainly gonna appreciate right about now.  As the world emerges from the cocoon of our isolated times, a song like this is destined to travel far & wide as listeners connect […]Read More

Audii – “Neva Leave”

Audii – “Neva Leave” – Single Review Someone get this man another minute will ya? It’s tough to make a lasting impression with ninety seconds, that’s just the nature of the human memory – I ain’t sayin’ it’s impossible, just always highly unlikely in nearly about every scenario I can think of.  If you’re listening […]Read More

Droning Keyboard Group – Singles

Droning Keyboard Group – (This Is A) Redline – EP Sampler/Singles Review So…okay…wait…what? Am I looking at all this correctly?  I count eighteen.  Eighteen records…EPs, albums…the occasional single, but no less than two songs, and some of these mid-sized records could be EPs OR albums really. Did I mention these all got put out this […]Read More

We Forever Overcome – “Progression”

We Forever Overcome – “Progression” – Single Review There’s a lot of opportunity and potential here in what We Forever Overcome does…it’s just a matter of puttin’ in the work from here to enhance the positives for sure.  This single “Progression” I’ve got here in review comes from the debut EP called We Got This, […]Read More

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