Month: <span>August 2021</span>

Lazarus Benson – “Like You”

Lazarus Benson – “Like You” – Single Review You can always rely & count on Lazarus Benson to generate an onslaught of superior sound & supreme production – that’s just what the man does y’all.  Like you do your thing at the office, or you do your thing at home – making music is what […]Read More

Rashod Holmes – “Inside Your Love”

Rashod Holmes – “Inside Your Love” – Single Review Well…to start…you gotta admire the intentions behind why artist Rashod Holmes created his brand-new single “Inside Your Love,” which according to his official pages, was written to bring “hope, inspiration, and comfort to a world recovering from a year of pain and loss.”  Cheers to that […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “November Pain”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “November Pain” – Single Review It’s a well-documented fact here at our pages – I’ve very much enjoyed listening to the music of Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders over the years.  From albums like The Last Of The Originals, to Go By Myself, to the record that […]Read More

jac0b – “Falling”

jac0b – “Falling” – Single Review I’m not entirely sure what digital artist jac0b has been up to since the release of his debut singles “I Don’t Mind” and “Vibe” back in 2018, but it’s mighty clear from this latest cut called “Falling” that the man has a viable music career waitin’ on him to […]Read More

Reegonetti Band – Exploring The Unknown

Reegonetti Band – Exploring The Unknown – Album Review For what it’s worth boys, I’m proud of ya. After being introduced to Reegonetti Band earlier this year through the single “Reach For The Sky” back in May this year, it was more than apparent just how hard this two-man group had been working on their […]Read More

Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here”

Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here” – Single Review Alright…considering this is a debut single & all, I think Wred deserves a lot of credit for how “You’re Still Here” came out, and the strengths he shows in his vocals and R&B style.  The right ideas are here, present & accounted for…the potential is certainly […]Read More

Virtue N’ Vices – Edge Of Existence

Virtue N’ Vices – Edge Of Existence – Album Review “We are a rock band out of Hartford, CT, born from the ashes of two area bands, Paragon Theorem and Vision Within.” #ahem #canigetalittleclarificationonthatpleaseandthankyou Man.  That’s HEAVY!  “Born from the ashes” certainly implies these other bands are…gone?  I do see a few shout-outs to Virtue […]Read More

Tony Cobain – “Nights On Sunset” Feat. Chad X. Ali

“Take your shot like John Stockton?” I mean…don’t get me wrong…it’s a solid line…it actually got me thinking about how specific that lyric really is – if you know your basketball history, it’s not like Stockton didn’t pot a few buckets on the way by & all…but that ain’t what he’s known for, you feel […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 156

Come check out one of the last sets we filmed in BC prior to our move to Ontario – we’ve got Brennan Sinclair live at sleepingbagstudios from 2016 coming fresh outta the vault for ya!  Stick around for awesome bonus stuff in the mix, including an introduction to Vandi Lynnae & her new single “Dancing […]Read More

Vandi Lynnae – “Dancing Through The Rain”

Official Press Release Vandi Lynnae’s Spirited New Single “Dancing Through The Rain” Is Available Everywhere Online Now! The past year has been filled with an incredible amount of pure love, support, and justified excitement surrounding the endearing & enchanting music of solo artist Vandi Lynnae.  Soaring through a breakout debut that has included her stunning […]Read More

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