Month: <span>August 2021</span>

Calling For Eden – The Message Is Clear

Calling For Eden – The Message Is Clear – Album Review Who is…Matt Kennedy?  Does this dude know just how much props Calling For Eden have given him?  I mean…I’ve reviewed more than 2500 records here at our pages and I don’t recall ever seeing a shout-out to an engineer being the FIRST priority, which […]Read More

Steven Faulkner – “Enjoy The Ride”

Steven Faulkner – “Enjoy The Ride” – Single Review With just how awesome things have been going for Steven Faulkner as of late and the sheer rapidity of his creativity…I was starting to wonder if the man was ever gonna come up against some real scrutiny again for a hot minute there!  Over the course […]Read More

Ty The Artist – “Dirty Diana”

Official Press Release Ty The Artist Supplies Real Swagger & Soul To MJ’s Mega-Hit “Dirty Diana” – Brand-New Cover Out August 27th! Ty The Artist’s connection with the music of the King Of Pop traces all the way back to the days of his youth when he was first starting to sing around the household […]Read More

Steven Blane – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Steven Blane – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Album Review Believe me when I tell ya, even if you didn’t read about legendary names like Elvis and Roy Orbison being an influence on artist Steven Blane, you’d certainly be able to hear it in the opening track of his new record, called “Cruel To Me” […]Read More

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “On The Hill”

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “On The Hill” – Single Review Alright…so.  To be as fair and objective as I can possibly be right across the board…or at least as transparent & honest as I can…it’d be extremely rare, if ever, that you’ll find me complaining about a solo piano song coming my way.  It’s just […]Read More

Underlined Passages – “Couples Therapy”

Underlined Passages – “Couples Therapy” – Single Review You don’t forget a name on a record like Underlined Passages’ Tandi My Dicafi, which I reviewed back in 2017 – that much I can tell ya for sure.  Amazing how much can happen within just a mere four years though ain’t it?  The world is practically […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – Shadows Sessions

Chords Of Truth – Shadows Sessions – Album Review Fun fact – Chords Of Truth was actually the second band I ever reviewed here on these pages of ours, way back in 2013 when sleepingbagstudios expanded beyond the physical studio into the online world, long before I packed up the studio, physically, and which now […]Read More

The Triplet Code – Faceless Travellers

The Triplet Code – Faceless Travellers – Album Review “To be played at maximum volume.” If ya wanna know how to make sure to get my attention before I even have an opportunity to play, write something like The Triplet Code have here on the pages with your music.  “Maximum volume” you say?  Sign me […]Read More

Slow Coda – Slow Coda

Slow Coda – Slow Coda – Album Review I love those rare times where I push play on a record and I’m like, ‘fuck yeah – this is exactly the kind of music I’m in the mood for, right now’ – which is exactly what happened when I started listening to Slow Coda’s brand-new self-titled […]Read More

The Circle View – “Something Else”

The Circle View – “Something Else” – Music Video Post “Something Else” indeed!  Fantastic energy in this Chicago-based band. If you checked out the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already been introduced to the latest single by The Circle View, along with more of my thoughts, of course – but if you […]Read More

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